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These 12 Reasons Are Enough To Prove That You Are Born To Be A Journalist

Date: 2018-03-09 15:21:48

By Raunak

To some, journalism seems fascinating, to others struggle-some. But only you know how painfully demanding it is and yet, satisfactorily (excruciatingly) rewarding. Your life is very different from others for the sole reason that your priorities are absolutely different and at the same time, interesting. If you can relate to these 12 reasons, you sure are made for this field.

1. Headlines and deadlines are your priorities (and in this process, you make them your best friends)

2. You find your classes very interesting because unlike the boring textual courses, your subjects deal with all kinds of interesting stories (from controversial celebrities to in depth politics, you have classroom discussions on all)

3. You have at least 5 different sources of news. (Either in the form of apps, newspapers, news channels or even social media.)

4. You spend less time gossiping with your friends and more time talking about news stories and interviewing people.

5. You are curious and find this unusual urge to explore everything and take risks.

6. You have two ways to work:
a) under pressure or
b) procrastination

7. "I can't, I have to write an article," is your standard reason for not being able to go out. And it's almost always true.

8. You've become a more observant person and definitely a good listener

9. You pen down almost everything you hear (because you never know what piece of information proves essential at any given point of time)

10. You've become an expert at researching.

11.You've become relentless, not settling for anything less than what you are looking for (because you have the constant fear of rejection).

12. You are confident in front of people because you know when you know your stuff and how to back yourself if you don't.

Journalist Babu/Ma'em, Welcome!!

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