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Anil Kapoor Bro, After Seeing Ur Dance At #SonamKiShadi, My Only Wish Is To Dance Like You When I'll Be Of Ur Age.

Date: 2018-05-09 00:03:56

By Abhishek

After Sonam And Anand Ahuja, the only person in the wedding who was more excitedly-jhakaas was her father, Mr. Anil Kapoor-the-Jhakaas.


Bro?? Yes, Because you really do not look above 30. You are young-o-cool.

Yes, I admire you!!

It's not new, I admired you since I was a kid, but after spying you at SonamKiShadi; my admiration level is at a brim.
One question which I really want to ask you!!

Kya Khaate-Peete Ho Mr. Jhakaas??

You are 25 oops!! sorry 61-year-old young boy. I think the number has been reversed and your actual age is 16.

Ok, I want you all to tell, Can you see a 61-year-old man in the below image??


Sorry!! Did you all also said you can see a 25-year-old dashing boy?? You are right!!

Out of these three, the one in the middle, this smart boy looks are killing the whole frame. Sorry Ranveer And Arjun, but it's true.

The smart young boy with his beautiful young wife dancing together is the most beautiful thing you will see today. I am gonna dance like this with my wife(when I will get married).

😅😅😅 #Anilkapoor #sonamkapoor #sonamkishaadi

A post shared by Anil kapoor (@anilkapoorr) on

Burraahh!! Punjabiyan di shaan wakhri. This is called Dil-Kholke-Dance.

Look at those clean moves, Do You expect these moves from yourself when you will be 60? My hands are down.

Palatt..Palatt..Palatt!! Anil Kapoor Palatt is more romantic than Kajol in DDLJ!!

Oye Punjabi Munde Paao Bhangra hoyee!!! I must say Anil Kapoor was at a another level, see his energy.

Now I feel ashamed of myself, how lazy I am!! I am not even 20 percent of him.


Anil Kapoor Sir, Bataare Ho Phir... Energy Ka Raaz??

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