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16 Creepy Things You Should Not Say If You Want To Impress A Girl.

Date: 2018-04-05 12:57:33

By Erica

Impressing a girl or a woman is not tough. Introduce yourself, be nice, make small talk and give her a meaningful compliment. That's it. But no. Men don't want the simple way. Hell Nah! They want to go through tongues of fire and walk on water to win a woman's attention (or heart, whatever), right?

Guys, you have to stop saying certain things if you want to impress a girl because obviously you don't her to walk away from you. You have the nerve to conclude women got this attitude that every guy wants them, but have you ever considered the pickup lines you use? Even a cat wouldn't impress!

Presenting to you a list of the 16 things you should never say if you want to impress a girl. A Big no here, boys!

1. Smile!

Why? Why would you tell a girl to keep smiling? It would only most probably creep you out.


2. Can I ask you a question?

You already asked me a question, dude!


3. Focusing on particular parts like our boobs and legs

And then they have the audacity to say, "you look nice". Snap! Snap! Look at my face and talk.


4. "You got a bright future behind you"

Agreed Jason Derulo could pull this one off. Nobody else can. I'm surprised he even got away with such a sick song, but that's a whole different story.


5. You think whistling is cool? Think again

Don't even get me started on eve teasing. But whistling however minor it may seem, it is not. Girls hate being whistled at.


6. "I lost my number. Can I have yours?"

Uh...do you even know what century this is?


7. "It's love at first sight"

It's been five seconds since we looked at each other, dude.


8. "I thought you are more an introvert"

Who are you to even think that?


9. "Oh it's that time of the month, isn't it?"

So what if it is? What if it's not? Does that mean I'm not allowed to have normal human mood swings? If I complain a little over than usual it qualifies for your statement? Nope, buddy. Don't think so.


10. "I felt a spark"

Are you sure it wasn't your brain switching off? Who uses these lines these days anyway?"


11. "I was just checking out your friend. Hot af!"

Totally punch worthy. Correct??


12. "I want to paint you like the other French girls. Huh? Get it?"

Firstly, he just ruined Titanic for me. Secondly, get it? Was that even necessary? Ugh!


13. "Hello sexy!"

As much as we love compliments, we do not like being objectified and called sexy in public.


14. "If you were shorter, you would've fit in my bed"

News flash! I do not want to. Short or tall, it will still be a NO.


15. "Really going to wear that?"

Yes. In fact, I am. Your opinion barely matters.


16. "So...you work out? How low can you bend?"

If that was an innuendo, it was the most sleazy one ever.

To some, these might not sound like questions to not ask a girl. You might've even said 'toh? Isme kaun si badi baat hai?' quite a few times as you scrolled through this list. Put yourself in our shoes, in a lovely, classy pair of high heels or slippers, imagine someone saying these things to you. Feel any good? You can thank me now.

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