Easy Ways To How To Attract A Girl.

Date: 2019-08-21 18:03:28

By Mansha

Attracting a girl is a tough job and we agree with you guys, it is! Girls are pretty uncertain about what can make them offended and what not.
Instead of focusing on, how to attract her towards them, some guys overthink on, how she will feel once he opens up about his feelings towards her and in this dilemma, they overthink about her reaction in return like, she may get irritated or simply, reject him because of his actions.

But today, call me your LOVE GURU because I have come with some of the pro tips on how to attract a girl without looking like a creep:

Stare at her with love, not lust:

Some guys check out a girl with creepy eyes like they are trying to undo everything on top of her and that never works to get her attention because that makes a girl uncomfortable. To get her attention, stare at her with loving eyes as if, you are trying to reach for her soul rather than her body.



Wear good perfume:

Some of the men perfumes are so strong that they can give a headache to any girl. Wear soft scents because girls get attracted to it easily.


Smelling of alcohol is the biggest turnoff:

Some guys approach a girl with their tipsy self and the moment they speak, they smell only of alcohol. Never approach a girl when you are drunk or smelling of alcohol. NEVER EVER.


Focus on your pick up lines:

Too cheesy are turn-offs and too soft are boring, so come up with a pickup line that can take away her breath in a second. May be like, "of all your beautiful curves, your smile is my favorite".


Compliment her on looks, but subtly:

Never use words like, sexy or hot because it is offending. Compliment her in a subtle way like, "I like what you are wearing, it suits you" or "your eyes are to die for"...


Don't give her too much of attention:

Sometimes, you have to act opposite of what a girl is looking for because that will make her go crazy about why you are not trying for her? Give it a try, it might work...but do this step smartly by seeing every aspect.


Be helpful and kind to others:

Girls get easily attracted to a man who is kind and helpful towards others, especially to the waiters because, in her eyes, that makes you a perfect gentleman.


Dress like a man not as a boy:

Wear what suits you, not what is in fashion. Stand up in the crowd and make yourself noticed by that one girl.


Talk about her:

And make sure she listens to you when you do that because every girl loves it when you talk about her and notice her good sides.


Text her on random stuff:

Because that will make her realize, you think of her everyday and she is something to you, something special.


Don't be overconfident:

Some guys show themselves as a dude, which they are not by being overconfident about their looks and everything else. Guys, mark my words, girls like a guy who is real, down to earth and confident about what he is.


Make efforts if you are really into her:

Make her feel special by small gestures to make her feel, she is special to you. Show efforts to have her by checking on her regularly and showing real concerns.


Respect her:

Respect her as a person and make her feel, her suggestions and advice are valued by you. Love her like a real man by treating her like a real lady.


Girls don't crave for attention; they crave for companionship, love, care, and trust. When they will see all of those things in you, they will automatically get attracted to you. So, don't focus on getting her attention, focus on yourself to be a perfect man in her eyes to get her attention.

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