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How Kameene You Are In School. Take This Quiz.

Date: 2020-05-16 19:56:41

By TabloidXO

Ques 1: What did you do in school from the below options:

Copied parents signature in the report card

Pressed school ring bell & flew

Flirted with the teachers

Ques 2: Your reaction when the teacher said "All those students, who are not interested can leave".

Said sorry and regretted later

Nod to your friends and said 'Chal chalein'

You obeyed you teacher and went off the classroom.

Ques 3: Did you got into your parent's trap of "80% le aao phir jo chahiye dila denge":



Almost yes, but I was smarter than them. I got 60% but still I got what I wanted by lying down the floor and cried.

Ques 4: Your happiest moment in school was?

When your friend got Maggi for lunch

When your friend did your homework

When the teacher made you sit with a girl/guy

Ques 5: Uses of chalk according to you?

To write on blackboard

To fight with friends in a free period

To make your PT shoes white.

Ques 6: Your prayers in school were like?

God, itni baarish kardo ki morning prayer cancel hojaye

God, mere number jaise bhi aaye, mere friend ke kum aaye mujhse bas

Maths waali teacher na aaye, God!

Ques 7: Your friends were?

They were Gundas of the school

They were bhole bache BC

Mix, I won't classify them, lekin the to Chu***e

Ques 8: Indoor games you loved in school?


Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi


Ques 9: How many times the school principal called your parents to complain about you?


Only Twice

Countless times

Ques 10: What is the most daring thing you did in school/class?

Locked the staff-room from outside

Got the answer sheet at home and then blamed it on teacher for giving less marks

Eating tiffin during class.

Do share it with your friends. Let them know how innocent they were.


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