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Only For 18+: Do You Know Meaning Of These Sex Slang Words? Things Every Mother Does For Her Children But We Never Realized. We Know Who You Were In Your Past Life. Take This Quiz. Meet 'Pawri Hori Hai' Girl Dananeer Mobeen, The Girl From Pakistan. indian students Here Are Hilarious Good Dares Over Text Message For Your Friends. Bigg Boss Chahte Hain Aap Bigg Boss Quiz Khele. 2021: 25 Best Romantic Bollywood Movies You Can Watch Today.

Sex Slang Words & Meaning Quiz. Only For 18+.

Date: 2020-12-30 13:19:18

By Jitanshu

With actions on the bed, let your slang words do the talking too, especially the mischievous sexual ones. Here we have listed a few sex slang words with one correct meaning and 2 wrong answers in the options and you should select the correct answer if you want to ace this quiz and make your partner feel confident of your S game.

If you haven't heard of these words, there are still no issues, atleast you can definitely add these words to your vocabulary for the future.

Let's do it!

What Anorgasmia means?

It means one orgasm at a time

Inability to do orgasm

Doing Anaconda position on bed

Bareback meaning?

Leaning on the couch and making out

Sex without protection

Sex in a backless clothes

Blueballs meaning?

An experience after sex which leads to freezing of balls

It is an experience after sexual arousal that does not result in orgasm.

No idea, pass

Do you know the meaning for Snatchchat?

A naked photo that a woman sends to someone on Snapchat

Having communication while doing sex

A rough intercourse

Edging means?

It is a sexual practice that allows a person to delay orgasm

Another word for masturbation

It is a sexual practice that allows a person to delay orgasm

Mile High Club?

Combination of sex and drugs

Having sex in aircraft

No Idea, Pass


Waiting for your partner to get wet.

Waiting for porn on your computer to buffer in the middle of masturbation.

Holding your sexual desires

Going to the boneyard?

It's a place where rooms are given on discount to have sex

Bathroom is another word for boneyard

When someone is heading to have sex

Pillow princess?

Is someone who relaxes and let their partner do the physical work

Doing sex with the pillow

I Pass, the word sounds interesting but I don't know the meaning


Chanting to invoke the divine energy from within

Sucking your partner toes

Playing with the bushes


Tickling on the sensitive parts

Another meaning for Masturbation

Another meaning for dick


A computer that is exclusively used for watching porn

Another word of incognito mode

A computer that is exclusively used for watching porn


The act of falling asleep after masturbation

Where a one partner is sleeping and the other is in action

The act of falling asleep after masturbation

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