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Things India Moms Does For Her Kids, But We Kids Never Realized.

Date: 2019-01-20 14:18:22

By Mansha

Pyarr karna koi tumse seekhe,
Laad jatana koi tumse seekhe,
Mere dard mein apne saare sukh bhulana koi tumse seekhe,
Maa, apna banana koi tumse seekhe...

Mothers are real blessings from God, as they say, god couldn't be everywhere so he created mothers. It is true, their love is a true love, without any selfishness she does everything to make us happy for which she does various things without letting us know, she does big sacrifices so easily as if it was zilch for her but it is a big deal, no one can be this giving except our lovely and beautiful mothers.

Things, which every mother does for her children that are nothing for them but it is not that easy as we think...

Giving you her share of food only because you were not satisfied the amount of food that you already had like you ordered pizza, you had two slices of it already but not satisfied, without any second thought she gave you that last piece of pizza that was hers. "Dost se maange dekho, galiyan pitegi".



Remember school days and early mornings? We used to crib about getting up at 7 AM but she used to and still some mothers do wake up at 5 AM, prepares your tiffin, iron your clothes and prepares your school bag. We never thought about how difficult it must be for her to get up this early in the morning but it is.


No matter what time is it, but when you are hungry, your mom will make that for you irrespective of if it is 4 in the morning. She is never tired for you.


We used to have exams but she used to remain awake till we were busy studying. She never let us know that she was awake but in between, she used to come with milk, fruits or anything that we wanted.


When we get sick, we sleep all night long because of heavy medications but she never leaves our sides, she remains there by our side and takes care of us as if we are still her infant. We never thought about being her awake but we have always needed her during our sick days.


We get so impatient when we have to wait for her outside the mall or trial room but when we are busy at something, she waits for us till hours and she remains shut about it.


She never says "No" even though she knows from inside that it is difficult for her to get things which we are demanding but she gets it by cutting her own requirements. Girls, remember that Zara jacket you liked but you had already finished your pocket money but she got it for you by cutting out her own basic requirements.


She listens to your tantrums and your anger in a silent mode, she never gets angry on you because she loves you. "kabhi papa ke upar chiko tab pata chalega"...


She hides your mistakes or sometimes ignores them too as if it was not that of a big deal but every time it was and still, it is.


And, Everyday of her life she prays for you instead of herself.


We have never said thank you to our mothers but deep inside we all know that we are nothing without her. Today, let's change our trend, get up and hug her tightly and say "I love you Mumma" then see the sparkle and shine on her face, which I bet you have never seen it before.

I have just done it now it is your turn...

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