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Can You Beat Johnny Sins IQ In This Sex Quiz?

Date: 2021-01-25 13:13:03

By Jitanshu

Sex, it's a key to a romantic angle in a couple's life.

There are many health benefits of sexual intercourse. It can help you feel happier, and be healthier.

So, to uncover more and to check whether you know much about sex facts or not we have designed a sex quiz which will tell you how aware you are and is your IQ as brilliant as Johnny Sins.

All the best!

Ques 1: How long does the average female orgasm last?

18 seconds

30 seconds

20 seconds

Ques 2: Cornflakes and Graham Crackers were created to cure dirty thoughts. Is it true or false?



Not Sure

Ques 3: You cannot get pregnant from having sex on your period.

It's 100% false

It's 100% true


Ques 4: Do you know how long a sperm survives inside a woman's body after ejaculation?

3-5 days

7-9 days

2 days

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Ques 5: What's the average length of an erect penis?

7-8 inches

3-4 inches

5-6 inches

Ques 6: Stress can make a man's penis shrink.



Really, is it? I still don't think so!

Ques 7: Does having sex three times a week can make you look 4-7 years younger. Is the statement true?




Ques 8: On an average, how many calories do you burn in a single-sex session?

1000 calories

700 calories

100 calories

Ques 9: How much time a woman usually takes to orgasm during intercourse?

10-20 minutes

10-20 seconds

1 minute

Ques 10: Women can orgasm in about ___ minutes through masturbation




Ques 11: Do Condoms expire?



It depends on brands

Ques 12: Who daydreams more while having sex?




Ques 13: Do guys have a G-Spot?



A big no, not at all.

Ques 14: Can guys also fake orgasm?




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