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Diwali Games 2023: 10 Best Games To Play This Deepawali.

Date: 2022-01-01 17:03:36

By Srishti

Diwali, the festival of lights is one of the festival in India that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness. This festival is one such festival that people wait for each year. From wearing new clothes to decorating our houses with lights and diyas, all of us love celebrating Diwali.

To make your Diwali, even more special and fun we have combined a list of games that you can play during the Diwali festival and make it even more interesting and joyous.

Here is a list of 10 Diwali games for kids and adults that can be played during the festivities:

Game No 1: Find and Count Laxmi Ganesh.

Take a sheet of paper and draw or paste small pictures of Laxmi Ganesh surrounding them with pictures of diyas, different types of crackers, etc. Then get the page photocopied according to the number of players. Give one sheet and a pen to everyone playing. The players in the game then have to count the number of Laxmi Ganesh draw or pasted on the paper within one minute.

diwali games

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Game No 2: Light and Blow off the Candles with a single matchstick.

For this game, you will need 1 candle and a matchbox. Place the candle and the matchbox in front of the player. As soon as the game starts the players have to light the candle, then blow it off, the player has to keep doing this until the matchstick they are using blows off. The process of lighting and blowing the candle has to be done with only one match stick. The person who does it the maximum times wins the game.

diwali games
Source: Amrita Learning Network Flame

Game No 3: Identify the Sweets.

Take sheets of paper according to the players in the game. Then write the names of 8 to 10 Indian sweets in English for example. 'Rose berries' for 'Gulab Jamun', 'Royal sand' for 'Baalu Shahi' etc. After preparing the sheets with the names of the sweets on it hand them over to the players. The players have to find the original name of the sweets and write them on the paper. Whoever gets the maximum answers correct wins the game.

Identify the Sweets

Game No 4: Blind Fold Dry Fruits Mix.

You will need 5 bowls of mixed dry fruits, 4 small empty bowls per player, and a blindfold. In this game, 5 people play at the same time. Each player will be blindfolded and in front of them, a bowl of mixed nuts and 4 empty bowls will be placed. The players have to sort out the mixed nuts into different bowls according to their varieties. The player who sorts the most nuts out within one-minute wins the game.

blindfold games

Game No 5: Alphabets and Diyas.

You will need 26 diyas for this game. Take one diya each and write all the alphabets from A to Z on the bottom of the diyas. After writing them to mix all the diyas up and place them on a table in front of the player. Within one minute the player has to place the diyas in a line in alphabetical order. The one who places the maximum number of diyas in the alphabetical order wins.

diwali games


Game No 6: Light the Diyas:

In this game, you have to place 20 diyas in a line. Give each player a matchbox. The players playing have to light the diyas in one minute, whoever lights the most diyas wins the game.

Light the Diyas

Game No 7: Candles and Bangles.

For this game, you will require 4 candles, 10 bangles each of 4 different colours and a matchbox. Place the 4 candles in a line and light them, and on their side keep the bangles. Each player will have 30 seconds to separate the bangles according to their colours and put the same colour bangles in each candle. Whoever sorts the most bangles out according to the colours wins.

Game No 8: Om Diya.

Provide every player with clay diyas, a matchbox and a little oil. Then give the players a minute each to arrange all the diyas in the shape of ohm and light them. The person who designs the best and has finished in time wins.

diwali games

Game No 9: Thali Decoration.

Provide the players with one Thali each and along with the Thali provide decoration items like glitter, paint, etc. Then give the players a time of 15 minutes to decorate their Thalis, whoever decorates their Thali uniquely and differently wins.

Game No 10: Bijli Bomb Tambola.

You will need print outs of the below-shown image. Then write 15 numbers on each ticket, 5 in each bomb and you will need a Tambola board and tokens. A caller will then pick up random tokens and call the numbers. If the number is there on any player's ticket, then he or she will strike it off. When one number is cut in each bomb the player has to say, 'All corners done'. For a full house that is all the numbers in all the bombs have cut them the player has to say, 'Happy Diwali to all of you.' The game ends when all the prizes have been claimed.

You should try out these fun games and if we by chance we fail to think of more Diwali Games, do tell us in the comment section.


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