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10 Reasons Why Girls Like Nice Guys Over Bad Boys.

Date: 2020-05-25 15:22:53

By Diksha

Why Girls Like Nice Guys

Recently my guy friend has asked me "Why we girls fall over sweet nice guys, not over sexy-smart looking guys".

Where we drool over our favourite actors with their posters in our rooms. So, I laughed at first, and I thought this must be the doubt of many boys.

Here, my points about why girls love nice decent guys over bad boys.

  1. They always have a Sweet-positive vibe.
  2. When it comes to boys, many of them while trying to show-off them and think they are looking hot or smart. Actually girls feel the opposite of that.
    However, when a decent look, nerd type guys are more cute, sweet, and gentleman types, and they also spread a positive sweet vibe around you.
    They will even remember everything you talked to them. There will be cases where you might have forgotten the talks, but they will never.

  3. Honesty and sincerity are assured.
  4. With the spoiled brats you can never assure any honesty or sincerity. I think they don't know the meaning of that. On the other hand, the decent, cute guys is totally honest, helpful, genuine and all the good adjectives you can add to their profile list.

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  5. Trustworthy.
  6. I am telling you!! Decent guys are ways more trustworthy than the one's who can spill your beans in one drink with their friends or with anyone.

  7. High value by Gentleman.
  8. Decent or sweet guys are actually true gentlemen of high value and dignity. They are actually marriage material kinda guys.
    If you are thinking of a spoiled brat about it, just think why spoil as an adjective is used with them.

  9. They will listen to you genuinely.
  10. You know what, girls love to talk most of the things and many decent nice guys actually listen to them carefully and will value you and give a genuine opinion to you. It's the opposite of bad boys, they don't care whatever you say or talk.

    Instead, they will get irritated with you.

  11. Never make you feel Alone.
  12. A gentleman never leaves you alone, and it's true fact, the sweet, honest, and innocent guys will never ever leave you alone. If you are with rich-brats they won't even care about you a little.

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  13. You will feel protected around them.
  14. Innocent guys, know the value of women around them, and they will try their best levels to protect you and be with you always. On the contrary, rich guys won't think too much about care, and protection will easily leave you in the middle of the road.

  15. Make you feel Special.
  16. Since it's a quality of the decent guys to value the little things in life and make you feel special by doing little cute things for you.
    Spoiled brats like to play in a materialistic way, which can feel special for 5 secs but then they won't even care about it.

  17. Can be a great combo of best friends and best lovers.
  18. When an innocent cute guy has all of the above qualities, it's actually he who can be your best friend and love too. You can have both in one person. Imagine how lucky you will be!!

    Spoiled guys, Meh, I think they can handle their personality that's only a miracle.


  19. You don't have to change yourself with them.
  20. When sweet guys value you, and like you like who you are now with them, then why the hell they would need you to change yourself. Trust me, they will never ask for it.

    On the other hand, bad guys will try to make you insecure about yourself and judge you on your character traits more.

Let me know if I missed any point and moreover, I would like to add. If you find the above qualities in a guy who is smart-quiet rich but actually sweet. So don't let him go girls.

Grab him forever!!


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