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This Is Why You Always Choose Wrong Friends.

Date: 2020-10-16 13:50:48

By Manveen

Is it not weird that '90s spent their entire cinema trying to uphold deeper values in life, such as family and friends, whereas we, in our time are smirking over memes on snakes on Instagram? Something did go wrong, right? Friendship should be sacred as they said in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, "Pyaar dosti hai" but where is the love now? Maybe our comfort comes from our bed and not conversations. Our sense of fun comes from Netflix. But what brought us here? Bad friendships and half-baked promises.

Here are 10 Signs You Always Choose Wrong Friends:

1.) Your quest for validation.

You feel the urge to please everybody around you. It is difficult to impress anybody without them knowing you so you try to become friends with all but not everybody can or is willing to be your friend. Not everybody vibes the same as you do. It is your hunger for validation that takes you to bad friendships.

wrong friends

2.) Quantity over quality.

You want to be that kid who stays in the big group and wants to make noise and look popular. Big groups often do not function without issues and chaos. This leads to drama, bitching, and eventually you losing hope. But remember, it was your decision to hang out with people such as that, you selected bad friendship for a very materialistic price.


3.) The urge to look popular.

Simply put, you are scared of being by yourself. You do not believe in yourself and want to surround yourself with people because your thoughts scare you. The drive behind your friendship was not a connection or mutual interest, but your fear of being all by your thoughts.


4.) FOMO, Major FOMO!

You have a fear of missing out on things. You do not understand what you like and what vibes with you. You are the kind of person who likes hiding in a group because standing independently scares you.


5.) You do not understand yourself.

If you would, then you would know what is good for you and what is plain toxic for your mind and soul.


6.) You accept whosoever comes your way.

Not having a fine taste is one thing, but not respecting yourself is another. Even if somebody will hurt you or disrespect you, you will still be with them. You would rather be with bad friends than be alone. (Totally not worth it)

sad gif

7.) No process of thinking involved at all.

Take time out, think things through. Parties are temporary, connections are forever. Build something better, invest in better people.


8.) You are never happy, your glass is always half empty

The result of your friendship leaves you always unhappy. You do not feel content with your lot. You want to rush from one place to another, one person to another.


9.) You question your choices every day.

Your unhappiness drives you to your dilemma. Should you stay with your fake friends and look socially acceptable or should you stay independently with peace?

sad bollywood

10.) In your heart, you do not consider them friends but mere companions.

You are just counting your days with them, that's all!

sad bollywood gif

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