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10 Types of People You Meet at A Night Club.

Date: 2020-09-08 22:49:10

By Manveen

For some, night clubs and pubs are their second home. There are so many different categories of people in every possible situation. Take schools, for example, every class has a class monitor, a teacher's pet, some backbenchers, the class topper, the tiffin box hoarder, and such. Similarly, even night clubs have a certain lot of people that you have met and are present at every possible time. Yes, some are extreme and some are not. However, every typical night club will have this lot which will either entertain you or bore you till you throw up.

Here are 10 Types of People You Meet at A Night Club:

1. Freeloader.

This person irrespective of their gender and age will only visit on days when they offer free booze. It does not matter even if it is two glasses of really cheap beer (that too mixed with fifty percent water), this person just wants free stuff. It does not matter what it is, whether it is relevant or not. As long as it is free, this person will take it.

2. "Bhai entry kara de yaar?"

Patriarchy does not work at club entrances. Thank god, for that! That is the only place where you see guys begging the bouncers letting them in. There will always be one group of guys at every night club's gate waiting for the girls and begging them to help them get entry. Oh, how the table turns at night club entrances!

types of people in nightclub

3. Friends with everybody.

There is always this one person who is either drunk to the point (or very use to of fake it) that they will go and mingle with everybody. They will join every random group. Dance with everybody, hug the bartender, hug the bouncer, hug the waiter, hug the pole, hug the pillar. They have so much love to give to the world, they cannot contain it.

4. Fake drunks.

What is a night club if it does not harbour people who are pretending to be drunk just so they can look cool?

5. Out of place.

There is always this one nerd trying hard to fit in the context of a night club. Probably this person is dragged to the night club in the first place or maybe they are there because of peer pressure.

types of people in nightclub

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6. The responsible friend.

Every group has one person that neither drinks nor smokes up. The sanity of that club depends on this person from every group. When one member from a group starts throwing up, it is this person that takes them to the restroom. When one member falls asleep next to the bar counter, that responsible friend looks after them. The earth salutes such people. You are the real heroes.

7. "Play my song".

There will always be one a person who wants their song to play and will make such a big deal out of it.

types of people in nightclub

8. First-timers.

There will always be a group of friends who have sneaked out and visited the night club for the first time. Maybe they have told their parents they are going for group studies, who knows?

9. "Humara toh roz ka hai yeh".

A set of people who are so shallow they need loud music and liquor to fill the void of their moot existence, whence they retort to night clubs every day or on every weekend.

types of people in nightclub

10. Snapchat everything, Instagram every second!

That one girl who goes to clubs to look cool. She does not drink, hates music, does not know anybody but fir iss sab ke bina cool kaise lagenge? In the name of coolness, they operate.


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