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15 Creative Wedding Ideas During Lockdown.

Date: 2020-05-08 19:20:13

By Diksha

wedding ideas
Source: Shaadisaga

Recently, my brother's marriage got fixed, but due to these unwanted times, everything has stopped.

I really like the concept of virtual weddings, though I am not in much favour of it. I and my family prefer to have a proper fun-filled wedding with everyone around to shower their blessings for the bride & groom.
Thus, I planned out and researched a bit, how can we make the wedding healthy and happy for everyone.

So, here are 15 wedding ideas you can use to make a healthy wedding blast!!

1. Porch - Lifecare trappings in Wedding.

Organize DIY Life care kits for the guests while they enter the wedding, the kit can include a stylish face mask, face wipes, hand Sanitizers, Cotton fancy Gloves, Handkerchief, small warm water bottle.

You can hire a designer for this work who can provide you in bulk and guide them according to the needs. Remember to make the stuff in a stylish and cute way, it will definitely attract your guests.

wedding ideas

2. Wedding decoration ideas with Funny Hoardings.

Generally, we see lots of flex hoarding of couples and their family at the wedding. I would recommend recreating these flexes in an informative way by adding information about maintaining Self-care rules.

3. Atithi Devo Bhavah!

India is the country that has a strong belief about "Our guests are our God". Many weddings have a "Rose-Water Sprinkler" which is used to just sprinkle in guests/bride & groom for purification. In these times, we can definitely use it and I would suggest filling it with Sanitizers and maintaining the health of your guests.

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4. The umbrella of Nutrient-rich Cuisine in the Wedding menu.

Food is one of the most important parts of the wedding, the majority of the guests look towards it. So, ask your catering service people and guide them to properly prepare a nutrient-rich, immunity booster yet delicious food.

So, they know "the proof is in the pudding"!!

wedding ideas

5. A COVID-care Van in Wedding.

Organizing an event with a massive gathering, you should definitely have a unit of health care providers who provide these can charge up to some hours, where they will take care of the guests.

6. Bums on Close to the hand seats.

At the wedding, the seating arrangement is also a very important part and during this time it has become the most important part.

Thus ask the venue people to follow the rule of "2 Gaj ki duri" and arrange the seats accordingly.

7. A wedding Guide.

Early times when we used to travel to new places we usually hired a tour guide. How about having a wedding guide at your wedding, who can guide where to go, snack counter, wedding stage, restroom path, and anything which the guests would require.

wedding ideas

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8. Stand-up Shows in Wedding.

Stand-up shows are totally "In" these days, we all love them.

So why not have it at your wedding and spread some smiles and laughter for your guests. During this time everyone needs motivation and some happy hormones to enjoy life and have some faith in a better life.
You can hire a comedian and even if they are not ready to come to the venue, you can convince them to do an online show especially for you.

9. Wedding games - Games-on-Roll.

Here your guide can really help, who can help people to play various games like karaoke, Guess about your partner, create anything in 30 secs, and many more games, which can keep your guests entertained and happy.

wedding ideas
Source: Shaadisaga

10. Click your pic- backdrop.

Wedding ready means Selfie time, we all love to fill our galleries with amazing memories through good pictures. So, just organize a beautiful, funky backdrop, and let the guests enjoy.

11. Drink menu at Weddings.

We all try to organize the wedding to the best of our efforts, but sometimes many of us forget a simple, small key point of making a connection with our guests. Thus, these times you can have a variety of Natural cooling refreshments, mocktails such as Pink bubbly, Coconut lavender lemonade, Mint Mojito, Honey-Sweetened Limeade with Strawberries and Basil, and serve them to your guest and maintain a connection with them by asking how are they? Their lives? Did they have food? Are they comfortable here?

That's all just to make them feel important since they put an effort to make for the wedding.

wedding ideas
Source: weddingwire


12. More Projector screens for a good distance view.

These are the good times when the projectors view can be very useful while maintaining the norms of social distancing, people can view each and every ceremony easily with these projectors.

The more the projectors, the more people get to watch and enjoy it.

13. Dance in your seat.

DJs our unsung- heroes of the wedding. A good DJ is worth every penny; he can revive the room, engage the vibes, and adjust the music accordingly. So, let your DJ make your guests groovy with his beats near their seats and have fun.

14. Take care of Caretakers.

Our vendors like camera guys, catering people, housekeeping staff also needs total care. So make sure one of your people or you can hire a manager to look after them properly and provide hygienic food, all the essential equipment. Provide Sanitizers, mask & safety gears to each vendor who is performing their duty at your wedding.

If they are healthy, our guests and everyone around will be super healthy!

15. Wedding gifts for guests.

Generally, when guests leave for their home, they get a sweet-box as a thank you note. This time gives them such useful return gifts like small succulent plants, a sweet box of dates (they have lots of health benefits), and many more other ideas. This will turn them as a blessing for them in these tough times.

Have a safe and trendy wedding.

(Disclaimer: 1. Images are for represenational purpose. 2. Please comply with the governments rules and regulations while making the wedding arrangements.)


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