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8 Annoying AF Things People Are Saying During Lockdown.

Date: 2020-05-13 14:34:42

By Manveen

Since everybody is at home content creation and consumption has seen a boom. Perhaps, content creation is one of the few industries to not get affected by the pandemic. In fact, it is thriving presently. Arts, photography, articles, poetry, etc, every field has many consumers waiting for a new post to drop.

annoying people

In the wake of things, many people have started blogging, which is good as people have found another recreational activity, but sadly not all of them care to clarify their facts or understand the brevity of their research and content. Your information becomes mass information, influencing other's opinions as well, which at times you scare the shit out of somebody!

Here are 8 Things people are saying these days that are annoying AF:

1.) Clove/ Cinnamon/ Nutmeg/ Turmeric.

Pretty sure these are ingredients indeed boost your immunity but do not have any stand against Corona. Yes, it helps release cough and cold, but Corona is not cough and cold. Your natural remedies can make your immunity strong, but not make you invincible and you have to understand the difference between the two.

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2.) Life will never be the same.

Most people are predicting the end of the world. Listen up buddy, if the world is going to come to an end, it will come to an end for us all and if life will never be the same, then perhaps it is not a bad thing. About time we changed what we have been doing till now to the planet.


3.) Go Corona Go.

Clapping is fun and lighting candles is hopeful and if it gives anybody any relief or hope amid the crisis, it is totally worth it. Everybody is doing what they can cope up with it. Everybody is excused except the ones still gathering in groups.

4.) What's the status of COVID vaccine development.

Every aunty is giving you a month and every uncle has his own hypothesis. Why did this lot not join ISRO or NASA?


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5.) Animals are spreading Corona virus/COVID-19 pandemic.

Please, we have damned animals enough, and please do not encourage anything that brings harm to them now. People are insane when it comes to broadcasting information. If one random person says dogs spread Corona, you do not know which sadist will start to attack the street dogs in his lane so please do not spread false information. Their lives matter the same as ours.

6.) "I read this on WhatsApp".

The moment somebody says this, just shut your ears. Do not listen to it further, a total waste of time.


7.) Ban Chinese product/ food.

Firstly, we barely get authentic Chinese food in India. We eat Desi Chinese. Second, we are dependent on Chinese products more than we realize. Our entire production line and supply chains are dependent on it. Well, if you're talking it seriously with every brain cell ON, we are with you! It would be the best option for our economy to boost. Go ahead and stop importing machines, develop our own.

8.) "Store as much as you can".

Yes, because you need to survive and others are cool starving to death. Care for your family, but learn to empathize with people outside your circle as well. Be sympathetic towards their grievances as well. You might be unaffected but think for the people who are dying because of hunger.


What's the most annoying thing that you're sick and tired of hearing in this 2020 Pandemic? Let us know in the comments below.


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