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8 Genuine Problems While Dating A Rich Guy.

Date: 2020-08-24 16:51:40

By Manveen

I have known girls who have dated normal guys and believe me, they are so much in love. Later, they have become rich at the cost of their own blood, sweat, and tears, and trust me that can be the best match. Relationships these days are just a social and financial contract. Moreover, such contracts will not last long in today's time! Just avoid that!

Well, coming back to problems in dating a rich guy. To most, the topic might seem like a joke. But then that is the same population that thinks women marry/ date for the money. Maybe there are people who have to get married for money, you know? Especially now, women and young girls are looking for rich guys, maybe because they know they can't earn that much by themselves (well, be independent).

Anyway, here are 8 problems girls face while dating a rich guy

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1.) You could be in love but will anybody believe that?

Say you met somebody, you clicked with them and are happily dating with them and both of you love each other and that is the only reason why you are together, but nobody will believe you because they only want to believe that you love the money and not him.

dating problems
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2.) Awkward parents.

Your parents will have to think a thousand times before communicating with him because there will always be that superiority complex. Either look for a rich guy who is decent, respectful to your parents, and who never makes them feel below him.

3.) Coming second to your guy.

If he is your sugar daddy, you have to learn to adjust and come second to him. His life and schedule hold more importance in your life than your own.

dating problems
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4.) He will have to ask his father.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong in discussing or asking your parents about something, but at some point asking money for small things or small decisions of life get irked. Imagine after marriage you want to buy a Manish Malhotra lehenga, but at the same time you are calling your dad to get permission to buy it for million bucks.

5.) Accepting his lifestyle.

The financial difference cannot be overcome in a day, it takes time and practice. Money changes one's social circle and lifestyle, but if that money is not yours, you do not go to it day by day, you are just asked to show up and be in a different lifestyle altogether.

dating problems
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6.) Constant urge to prove yourself.

Because you don't want the tour guy to think you are with him just because of his money, you don't want the world to think that either. So you work harder to be equal to him.

7.) Trying to keep up with the lifestyle without taking money from him.

You will have to work according to what he says because he is superior (he might be thinking because you know we live in a world of male chauvinist society). If he likes Fio and you can afford Big Yellow Door, how do you negotiate? Well, the answer is to go to places both people can go and equally split the bill. It is possible.

dating problems
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8.) Married that rich guy ONLY for financial status?

Maybe after marriage, financially and mentally, you will be under their control because if your sole purpose was money, then you probably will have to give over your freedom which you had before marriage.


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