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8 Signs Your Friend Is A Late Comer (Lateef).

Date: 2020-11-04 12:45:48

By TabloidXO

Some friends are sweet; some are made up of spice. Some care about you, some cannot spare a minute for you. Some brighten up your day, the other light up your nights. Whatever you may have, as the Airtel jingle once said "Har ek friend zaroori hota hai". So they indeed are important, big, small, fat, thin, loser, winner, they all mean the world to us. In this region we will address a new category; one that is so late to everything that probably even internet does not have much to say about them either.

Here are 8 signs your friend is a Late Comer (Lateef):

  1. They take time to process basic information.
  2. Even if you ask them to do a simple task, they will first look here and there for the first five minutes before getting to the demanded task because that is how slow they are, they cannot simply respond. They take longer to process information.

    funny friends

  3. Excuses. "Coming in 10 minutes means coming in 2 hours".
  4. Common we all have heard this from our friends. They are never punctual, and have never ending excuses (which in fact looks real always but they are not) for coming late.

    funny friends
    Source: makeameme

  5. You lie to them.
  6. Not in a bad friend way, but say the due date for a submission was Thursday and your friend being the late lateef that they would not know so you will tell them it is due on Wednesday. Because they will be late, only they will be not, win win!

    funny friends
    Source: mensxp

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  7. They are informed the wrong time.
  8. If anybody ever at all makes a plan with them and intend to leave at five. The planned time told to them is four. The irony is that it is then that they will be ready by five. It is smart living folks.

    funny friends

  9. They don't care either.
  10. So many people have pointed it out to them about how they should change this trait from being late in everything to get punctual, but, do they care? Nope, never!

    funny friends

  11. They are never on time.
  12. Even if it is the biggest day of their life, say even if that friend who is late lateef is getting married, you can be pretty sure they will be late even there. They will be the last ones to arrive at their own wedding too.

    funny friends

  13. They are behind all the late submissions.
  14. Such a characteristic is not a guiding one in a hard work driven economy and often your friend is lagging behind deadlines and submissions.

    funny friends

  15. They will be late to read this too.
  16. Could this all be more ironic? Nope, no chance!

    funny friends

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