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We Hope Prices Of These 8 Things Will Not Skyrocket As Petrol/Diesel Prices Did.

Date: 2020-07-07 21:31:19

By Manveen

You know we are in the middle of a pandemic, China is practically threatening us with every waking minute, 4 months ago our capital was in riots, you know what else we are experiencing? We are experiencing the increasing price for petrol and diesel where in the world market the prices of them are down. Remember that Pakistani fan who went "maaro mujhe maro" after Pakistan lost the match? Yes, our emotions are the same as that fan every time we look at the prices.

petrol diesel prices

If any of the Bhakts are reading this and have to say something good about the rise in prices, let me just say, a few bucks going out from your pocket do not make a difference to you but it makes a lot of difference to other people in India. India is bigger than you and not everybody is rich. There are people struggling with their jobs, even more so because of the pandemic and crippling economy. So if spending some bucks extra is not a difficult thing for you then basks in your selfish unconcerned about the world glory. You lost your sense, humanity, and kindness the day you voted. As for others, who also think about the three divisions of the middle class and the worst affected class during the pandemic-the lower class, collectively we all pray that these 8 things do not get as expensive as petrol or diesel in India:

1.) Water bills to go high.

It is going to be a scarce resource soon anyway. We are dying of several things right now, could you please at least not deprive us of this one commodity?

2.) Electricity bills.

It is very hot, we are mentally deprived of a lot and need our devices to function effectively as we are working from home. Some have lost jobs, some cannot find one. Can you not fuck us more?

petrol diesel prices

3.) Metro fare prices.

You know, if auto-rickshaw and rickshaw increase their fares, give it to them. They have suffered the most during this pandemic and need more help to survive right now. But if you are saying that metro too was in loss, hello? Did you not have a reserve fund?

4.) Rent.

The fact that many have lost their jobs and will struggle to pay rents. Even businesses are shut and not making any money, did this government, yes Centre and State both stopped to think that how will people pay rent when they are not making money? No!

petrol diesel prices

5.) Food items prices.

We saw people drinking milk from the road with dogs, children eating grass, many starving to death. Yes, starvation reached them before the virus did. Do you actually want to do this?

6.) Train fares.

Many will travel by air to reach home, extra cost will affect them too, but the labour force will retort to trains. Please spare them now!

petrol diesel prices
Source: news18

7.) Academic tuition fees.

When fathers are at home, how will they pay school fees? Yes, teachers need salaries too, but schools have reserve funds, what are you saving that up for? They are set up for emergencies and this is a pandemic for Christ’ sake!

8.) High Taxes in India.

What else is left to say? India is severely affected, our economy is shattered and the government still wants to milk us out. Be careful, too much of money exploiting might initiate a revolution against you as people are both, hungry and jobless.

petrol diesel prices

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