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8 Trendy Winter Jackets Every Women Should Have.

Date: 2020-11-07 17:16:50

By Manveen

New season, new fashion, new coat.

Now that the winters have begun to give us the cold feels, it is about time we prepare ourselves for the battle. Yes, the battle of fashion, the game of layering, the dance of boots, and basically every dramatic title with a fashion accessory.

Here are 8 best winter jackets every girl should have in her wardrobe this cold season:

1. Trench coat.

Don't we all love that classic British look? It does not matter what you are wearing inside if you are wearing a trench coat outside.

winter jackets for women

2. Classic denim jacket.

Who on earth does not have a denim jacket? How do you manage to live like this? You ought to have one. Denim jackets literally go with everything you own and make you look younger too. What's more? There is a trend to include denim with ethnic also now.

winter jackets for women

3. Faux Fur coat.

The weather is cold and your fashion game is strong. Which simply just allows you to wear a lot of fluff on you. It should be socially acceptable. The faux one, not the real though. Do read the statement twice, nobody here is supporting animal fur. The good thing is as more and more labels are going animal fur-free, we are getting to see newer iterations in this range.

winter jackets for women

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4. A statement jacket.

Did you notice how celebrities just wear an oversized jacket or a very bling thing with pyjamas and still make a statement? Yes, that is exactly what we are talking about. Now that you can imagine Rihanna's airport look or something like that, you should invest in something of a similar nature. It can scale up your look even with the most mundane of things.

winter jackets for women

5. Bomber jackets.

They are literally the coolest jackets that were ever created. Want to get those Kendall Jenner-Gigi Hadid-super model-type-feels? A bomber jacket will just do the trick. They are the epitome of off-duty model look and chic factor. Even if you want to leave your house in pyjamas, you can look casual and cool with a bomber and pyjamas.

winter jackets for women

6. Leather jacket.

If you are an oldie still young at heart, a leather jacket will do a very neat trick of making you look young, wild, and free. Yes, leather jackets are the dope thing everyone rages about. A very Kate Moss touch. All rockstars are associated with leather jackets, it obviously has to be ought to be cool.

winter jackets for women
Source: burberry

7. Waterproof/Rain jackets.

Okay, now considering the functionality aspect, if you belong to Mumbai or Bengaluru or plan on heading to any such place with a good rainfall amount then why have you not already bought a rain jacket? We can understand you get hideous rain jackets in India so try something on Shein or Ali Express.

winter jackets for women

8. Wool Coats.

With brutal winters, a wool coat is a must to keep you warm from inside. You will look super cute if you take up extra neck muffler with the coat.

winter jackets for women

With chillyed winters, enjoy with cosy jackets that will make you warm.

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