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Play This Bigg Boss 14 Quiz & We'll Tell You How Many Days You Will Survive In The House.

Date: 2020-04-26 20:48:49

By TabloidXO

Besides watching Bigg Boss memes all over the internet to having a dream of participating in the show, we have made a Bigg Boss quiz for you to let you know how much days, weeks, or months you will survive in Bigg Boss 14.
Well, Good luck in advance if through this quiz you stick inside the BB house till the Bigg Boss 14 finale.

Let's play this quiz and allow us to give you the honor of the number of weeks you will be inside the Bigg Boss house.

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Ques 1: What describes you?




Ques 2: Which political party do you support?




Ques 3: Your purpose of going inside the Bigg Boss 14 house?

Flirt with girls

To increase my bank balance

To win the trophy

Ques 4: What is your biggest fear?

Of losing Bigg Boss 14

Your parents seeing you sleeping till 10 AM

Lockdown kab khatam hoga?

Ques 5: What will you do if all the washrooms are occupied & you are already in pressure to poop?

Will break one of the door & pull the contestant out

Will poop outside the door

Will control patiently.

Ques 6: what's your favourite colour?




Ques 7: What is other people's first impression of you?




Ques 8: What's your idea of luxury?

Spending time at the beach

Spending million dollars in casino

Buying beachfront villa

Ques 9: What will be the first thing you do after Bigg Boss plays the alarm?


Sleep again

Start fighting with someone kyoki camera mein aane ka hain.

Ques 10: What would you NOT do in Bigg Boss 14?

Arguing with Salman Khan

Khaane ki chori


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