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Dear Boss, Allow Me To Work From Home After Lockdown, Please!

Date: 2020-06-24 18:03:28

By TabloidXO

Dear Boss,

Now that I am working from home, it looks quite practical to stay at home and do productive work. Will you allow me to work from home even after the lockdown?

work from home

We have adapted a routine, we never thought we would have. If, last year, somebody would have said anything about a lockdown, work from home, social distancing, a pandemic we all would have thought of it as a Black Mirror's episode. Nobody in their wildest dreams thought that life would come to this. Truth being told, some of us cannot believe even now that this is happening to all of us for real.

The lockdown will be lifted, life will be restored and people will find a way ahead, but the lives lost and the suffering will never be forgotten. This is a wakeup call. It took a pandemic to affect us all. Environmental change is real, we need to change the way we are functioning.

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Offices are waiting to call in their employees but is it worth risking your employee's lives? Yes, we are hit by the recession and work and labour force can avert that, but does everybody need to return back to their office desk?

work from home

Undoubtedly several companies cannot operate from home. Factories and fieldwork need their offices running, but what about others? Publications? Magazines? Hedge funds? We all have been working from home so clearly we can continue this ahead as well.

This lockdown has shown us another way of life. It has taught us how to be independent, it has taught us how to consume less. It has taught us environment-saving measures. We picked up new hobbies. We learned so much, should all of that go to waste? Can we not continue to work from home?

If not all five working days, but at least 2 out of five? As a company, you have to provide electricity, maintenance, wifi, etc to your staff and let us be honest, electricity is majorly wasted in offices as employees do not switch off their computers or pay much regard to office maintenance. However, they would be more conscious of the electricity in their own house. They will treat their machines better at home.


If you consider travelling, your employees bring their own cars so if they are not travelling they are also saving fuel. Even if they are travelling by public transport, the consumption of that will decrease as well making more room for other travellers and being a comfortable experience.

It provides more time to your employees to recreate as they do not have to spend time travelling because in the end, the work is still being delivered and work from home truly is a good concept for the future.


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