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You Are Not Rahul Vaidya Fan If You Can't Score 12/12 In This Quiz.

Date: 2020-11-19 14:47:49

By Ratika

How big Rahul Vaidya fan are you? Let's check out through this quiz.

He won which reality show from the below list?

Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar

Indian Idol


He was the anchor for 2 shows, what is the name of the shows?

Jhoom India & India's Got Talent

Jhoom India & Aajaa Mahi Vay

Indian Idol 7 & India's Got Talent

He finished _____ on the first season of Indian Idol.

Second Runner Up

First Runner Up

Third Runner Up

What was the name of his first album?

Tera Intezaar

Vande Mataram

Dilbar Mere

Rahul Vaidya proposed to whom for marriage on Bigg Boss 14?

Riya Sen

Nikki Tamboli

Disha Parmar

Did he say this iconic dialogue in BB14 house or are we making it up?

Zindagi Jhandwa, phir bhi ghamandwa.

Mere Sorry Itni Sasti Nahi Hain.

You do not tell me what to do.

Rahul Vaidya Date of Birth?

23 September 1987

22 September 1988

23 September 1988

What is the occupation of Rahul Vaidya's father?

He is a retired IAS officer.

His father is a diamond merchant.

His father is an engineer.

"Na Bigg Boss chahte the, but audience bhoot chahti thi", what was that topic which the audience loved Rahul for during the BB14 journey?

When he calmly handled the situation when Nikki hides the mask under her pants.

When he talked about Nepotism.

Both of the above

What is the official name of his YouTube channel?

Rahul Vaidya Official

Rahul Vaidya Singer

Rahul Vaidya RKV

He is an ardent follower of Lord ______




Rahul got professional singing training from whom?

Sajid Wajid

Suresh Wadkar and Padma Wadkar.

Sonu Nigam


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