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Dilliwalas, Can You Score 10/10 In The Quiz? Lagi Bet, Nahi Kar Paoge!

Date: 2020-04-24 22:28:32

By Jitanshu

Yeh dilli hain mere yaar, bas ishq mohabbat aur pyaar.

Take this Delhi quiz and see how much pyaar and takraar you both have.

Ques 1: Name the first theme park that was built in the capital?

Worlds of Wonder

Appu Ghar

Splash The Water Park

Ques 2: Which is that urban village that has turned into a fashion haven?

Gk2 Market

Shahpur Jat

Chandni Chowk

Ques 3: Which is that place where hundreds of bars and clubs are opened in a village?



Hauz Khas

Ques 4: What is the place where Arvind Kejriwal protest mostly?

Ram-Lila Maidan

Talkatora Maidan

India Gate

Ques 5: Full form of DDA?

Delhi Developed Area

Delhi Dilliwala Association

Delhi Development Authority

Ques 6: What is Dilli-walas favorite food?




Ques 7: A market where girls can't control themselves from bargaining?

Khan Market

Sarojini Nagar Market


Ques 8: A compulsory place where Delhiites especially go to eat Paranthas?

Ghar ki kitchen

East Delhi


Ques 9: Name that favourite hangout spot where a Delhi person goes? (Hint: it's a peaceful place with 5-star hotels all around, and most people come to enjoy coffee)

CCD Taj, Chanakyapuri

Sardar-Ji-Bakhsh Coffee & Co

Diggin Chanakyapuri

Ques 10: What is Delhi-walas favourite dialogue?

Behen ch*d

Tu jaanta hain mera baap kaun hain

Aati kya Khandala?


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