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15 Things That Changed Us During The 2020 Pandemic.

Date: 2020-08-10 17:32:58

By Srishti

The pandemic along with itself has brought in a new normal and a new way of looking at life. The pandemic has changed us, but not all of it is bad. Every single person is sitting at home and honing their hidden skills and talents.

Here are 15 things that have changed within us during the pandemic:

1. All of us have started spending more time with their family members, be it from playing board games together to binge-watching Netflix or just being on Zoom call with our loved ones.

2. Everyone has become a chef, from cooking every meal at home to trying new recipes and baking cakes and posting pictures on Instagram, everyone has become a food blogger.


3. Along with treating themselves with new treats every day, everyone has taken to exercising daily, be it just yoga or following online workout sessions, everyone has become a health freak.

4. Cleaning homes, it's like Diwali came early this year because everyone has been trying to keep themselves busy by cleaning their homes and by removing and throwing away things that are not needed.

5. Everyone is honing their hidden talents be it poetry writing, baking, making short videos. Everyone has discovered their hidden talents and have taken to social media platforms to showcase them.

6. Everyone has started celebrating their birthdays at home. From baking the birthday cake at home to celebrating it with their family and friends on Zoom calls.


7. People have started looking after their mental and physical health even more than before. From applying face masks that make the skin glow to keeping themselves hydrated and keeping themselves busy.

8. Started getting proper sleep about 7-8 hours. People who were so because with their lives that they did not have the time to get proper sleep are now sleeping on time and getting up on time.

9. People have taken up new hobbies like dancing, singing, making makeup tutorials and much more.

10. Looking after their pets and spending more time with them. Playing with their pets to cuddling them even more, people have started loving their pets more.


11. Online shopping. People have gone online for buying everything from shopping for new clothes to ordering groceries, people have started living virtually.

12. Got into the habit of working from home. Though the offices are shut everyone is working from home to keep themselves afloat financially and learnt how to overcome new technological challenges.

13. People have become more careful while stepping out of their homes, no one leaves their homes without a sanitizer and a mask.

14. When anything is being delivered at home everything is sanitized before it is brought inside the house.

15. People have become more careful about their hygiene.


While lockdowns and curfews are being removed slowly and gradually, people are still trying their best to stay safe and be at home and trying new things every day. Staying at home has become the new cool and people are adapting to this lifestyle.


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