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2023 Diwali Quiz: How Much You Love Diwali Festival?

Date: 2022-10-10 14:58:01

By Ratika

It is that time of the year again where we enjoy Mithai's, house parties, and whatnot. Diwali for almost every Indian is like a mini New Year. But do you know how much you yourself love Diwali? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you give it to yourself?

Let us make it easy for you by asking 8 simple questions. Let's decode the Diwali happiness in you. Let's play this Diwali quiz!

*Please answer all the questions.

Ques 1: Without Taash your Diwali party is incomplete?




Hmm, aisa to kuch nahi hain.

Ques 2: What is more exciting during Diwali festivities?

The mithai's all around the corner of the house


The lit-up house decorations, Rangoli and everything

Kya excitement? Safaai karwaate hain mere ghar waale mujhse.

Ques 3: What are your thoughts after Diwali ends?

Will miss you Soan papdi, acha laga mil ke

Thoughts of what? Agle saal nahi ayegi kya Diwali?

Will count the money which I won in Taash.

Ques 4: "Haan jal gayi lights, ruko band hogayi wapis, Ab karo! Haan ab jal gayi!". Have you ever had this conversation during Diwali?

Yes, always

No, never

Ya, sometimes. Now I am feeling nostalgic.

Ques 5: People visiting your home a week before the festival, you like or hate it?

No, I love it

Yes, I hate it

Kya hi jawaab doon, chodo.

Ques 6: Attending the Diwali mela, sounds cliche to you?

Yes, Mela is so middle class.

Not cliche, but ab hum badhe hogaye hain.

No, I love Diwali mela.

Ques 7: How much Diya/Candles are you going to get this Diwali?

It's Diwali brooo...Atleast 200+

Ek diya shagun ke liye bahut hain waise to.

Yeh Kaun sochta hain? Ek din pehle dekhenge.Yeh Kaun sochta hain? Ek din pehle dekhenge.

Ques 8: Select your favourite Diwali wishes for your friends:

Jugmug Jugmug karein tera ghar, bijli ka bill sarkaar ke sar, Happy Diwali my friend


Bursting a patakha is dangerous, but being a patakha on Diwali is good. Happy Diwali my friend

You are my patakha, you are my phujhaddi, ghar se bahar mat nikalna warna lag jayega agarbatti. Happy Diwali my friend

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