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How The Fashion Industry In 2022 Is Different From 2021?

Date: 2020-08-19 15:59:25

By Manveen

The entire world has changed. The preferences are changing, the suits are in cupboards and full stack of pyjamas are lying on the bed. Attending meetings on Zoom Calls, with upper part to be dressed as professionals and underneath we are either in our undies or pyjamas.

We are in a state of oblivion where we do not know what lehengas, saree or jeans are!


Can you imagine we no longer hate Monday? We work from home all day, every day. We have barely worn anything else apart from our pyjamas and we fear touch more than we fear our Prime Minister and his cult at present. If anybody would have told us in 2021, that 2022 would be like this, we would not have believed, we would not have purchased new clothes and would have simply out ruled it as a script from one of the Black Mirror's episode. But look at us, here we are.

Every industry is changing one way or another. The losses have crippled the entire economy. Fashion, despite being the second largest polluting industry in the world after agriculture still does not churn as much revenue as other industries do. No wonder it is one of the most underpaid domains. Zara has filed for bankruptcy, Manish Malhotra and big designers like that are suffering and shutting down some of their stores.

fashion industry 2020

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What do you think will happen to the local artisan or a weaver?

Masks have now become our way of life. Frankly, if you are from Delhi, it was long due for us because our air quality sucked anyway and we should continue wearing masks even after the virus goes away, but all the designer labels are producing masks, with embroidery and tassels and beads and creative prints and god knows what not. You would be surprised to know the cost of one of these masks. We have branded, designer masks, lol look at us. We might be going through a pandemic, but at least we will go through it in style.

Masks might seem like a new option but it is a tough option because many only trust the surgical masks because they cost less and can be disposed of, which is much better and even a lot safer than so-called Designer masks. Every second household is trying to make a business with masks and homemade hand sanitizer because their idea, businesses and scope of income have collapsed.

fashion industry mask

But what about fast fashion? Will that continue? Leading brands like Gucci has declared that they will reduce their collections to two seasons, which is a big step as fashion was producing endlessly and the consumer was also consuming endlessly. We started taking more than we needed and more than our environment could bear. The wastage that goes in fashion is beyond explanation.

fashion industry wastage

The pandemic has hit many and made them question their existing patterns of life. While some people will move to a sustainable way of life, after realizing that health is wealth and our health is dependent on our environment, others will only rush to malls to feed once again in retail therapy. The economy has collapsed and every second person is jobless so yes, the purchasing power will decline, but will that be a reason for people to avoid fast fashion or will it be because they have finally realized how toxic it was for our environment?


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