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Indian Version: How Girls Get Over With Their Breakup?

Date: 2020-09-06 13:08:18

By Manveen

"Love hurts whether it is right or wrong".

The matters of love and break up are always complex, and everybody has their own way to deal with it. Some take time and some forgets in fraction of seconds to move on from the past. It's sad that you are left alone after a good time spent together, but trust me if he or she was ruling you, or making complications, you are saved by god. Well, coming to how girls deal with breakups, we have written it in the most easy-going was possible so that you can relate to how girls do their bit to overcome the breakup.

Yeah, so now here are 8 things girls do to get over with their breakup:

1.) Process the madness that has happened.

Everybody acts in their own way. Some people heal soon, some take time. What is most important is that you need to let the feelings sink in and emotions blurt out. Everybody needs to do that if they are planning to move on. If you plan to whine, release a new album of emptiness, then that is your call, go forth!

how girls get over with breakup

2.) Question your existence.

Admit it, you have done that. In fact, we all have done that. Why am I here? Why do I do this every time? Why me? Why god why?? What is my purpose on earth? Finding and dating every fuck-boy? Cancel my subscription on Earth; I need to return back to my angels. Didn't you talk to God like this, as if he is listening to you right at that moment?

how girls get over with breakup

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3.) Question his existence.

Once you have questioned your existence you begin to question his existence. There is only so much hate one can have for themselves. After that, you have to hate the other one. This should be the law. Hello? Constitution of India? Yeah, we need you to write something in for us.

4.) Call up a friend.

Friends are therapists and friendship is therapy. Cheesy, yet effective. It is better to call up somebody who knows all your dating history and everything in between because to bitch whine to a totally new person is difficult. By the time you begin to explain your history to them, you will lose interest in the conversation and let us not forget the real aim of the conversation, you have to rant about your boyfriend so that your friends can tell you he is not worth it and that you deserve better.

how girls get over with breakup

5.) Call up several friends.

When one friend can make you happy, many friends can make you happier and happiness is always welcomed. Put those homies on a conference call, or wait, zoom call as it is more trending lately. Also, if anybody breaks up with you right now, just feel free to text them and tell them that they are the vilest creature on the planet. Tum jaisi angel ladki se kaun break up karta hai?

6.) Indulge in a new hobby.

Because eventually your friends will get bored of us you, but you will need to occupy yourself with something. Making baskets, cook pasta, etc.

how girls get over with breakup

7.) Overachievers hit Tinder first.

Just because you do not have to give the test now does not mean you do not finish your syllabus. You can find and stalk and fix a tinder match, once the lockdown is lifted, hit the market!

8.) Some get their hair dyed.

The ones who get deeply hurt or want attention, they dye their hair, pamper themselves until they are self-satisfied (at least it does help for several days).

how girls get over with breakup

Anyway, point being, everybody grieves of breakup in their own way. There is no South Delhi or South Bombay about it though.


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