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Can You Be India's Prime Minister In 2024? Take This Quiz!

Date: 2020-05-23 21:43:02

By TabloidXO

Wanna be the Prime Minister of India in 2024? But before that you continue the quiz, tell us one thing, had you ever got the chance to be the school monitor? LOL, play this quiz:

prime minister 2024
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Ques 1: How do you feel to be self-employed?

I feel it's the best work I can do

I feel I am more artistic when working for someone else

I can't take too much stress and insecurity

Ques 2: How often it happens you take decisions & regret later?

Regularly, It happens all the time

Not really, I plan before I come to the conclusion

Sometimes, but that does not bother me now

Ques 3: How would you handle your friends if they are in fighting?

I will silently enjoy the fight.

I will get along in the fight and team up with the other person

I will try every possible way to convince both of them to clear their issues

Ques 4: Which of these is worse?

A person who always think about revenge

A person who is Indecisive

A person who lives in dreams, not in reality

Ques 5: How you act when your father gives you some work?

I get annoyed and don't listen

I immediately do what he has said

I request him to give the work to someone else

Ques 6: Which leader would you like to follow?

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Bal Thackeray

Indira Gandhi

Ques 7: You are?




Ques 8: You are in love with someone at your workplace, how will you handle the situation?

I will tell my feelings directly and wait for their response

I will not convey and live in regret for life

I will fire them

Ques 9: Your reason to become a Prime Minister?

To serve ONLY the nation

To earn personal wealth and serve the nation

To humiliate the opposition by passing personal comments

Ques 10: What defines you?

Honest, Rule Maker, Innovator

Selfish, Dependent on others, No Goals

Aggressive, Merciless, Rule Maker

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