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Irrfan Khan Friend Chandan Reached Actor's Grave To Meet. 'He Was Resting Alone.'

Date: 2020-09-22 15:42:11

By Jitanshu

Chandan Roy Sanyal (Ashram Actor), Irrfan Khan's closest friends recently shared Irrfan's grave photos which made every fan emotional.

After 4 months, Chandan recently went to see Irrfan's grave as he was missing him a lot.

irrfan khan friend

He wrote on his Twitter account,

"I was missing Irrfan since yesterday. Today I went, he was resting there alone. There was no one around, there were only plants and there was silence. I left Rajnigandha there for him and took a piece of him back with his blessings."

irrfan khan grave

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He was surprised to see greenery blooming around Irrfan's resting place.

To Chandan Roy tweet, Irfan's fans praise their friendship and wish to get a friend like Chandan. People got emotional and started remembering the actor.

You will always be there in our heart, Irrfan Sir.


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