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Lockdown Made Us Realized How Animals In The Zoo Feels Like. Stop Zoo Culture!

Date: 2020-05-07 12:14:48

By Diksha


Indeed it is and nature or superpower has shown it in 2020, believe it or not!

When Karma takes the charge, it slaps you back and it becomes a silent emotional disaster.

Likewise, being quarantined got perks, and alongside it got economic problems and much more. Hey, I am not saying that these are not real issues or ignoring them is bliss. NO!

Still, why is it challenging for many of us to spend a whole single day and many likewise in our house with everything we can have? Let me help you understand with a short story. I promise, it's quick and short.
I got my job in the same month the lockdown started; I was okay, enjoying my many days until the lockdown started. After a few days of the lockdown, I was feeling suffocated inside the house.

I am sure you must have also felt implicitly like that!
So, I went upstairs to take a 5 min walk on my house roof. Without my realization after 5 minutes, accidentally somebody locked the roof door.
I am now stuck on my roof, and there we no mean to go back home.
The interesting part, all of the sudden "I started feeling SUFFOCATED on the roof" as well.

This realization punched me in the face!!

Until we are at our house with our consent it is fine, but once any external factor controls our lives, it becomes suffocating and at this moment in time imagine how animals would feel when they are locked and tortured in the Zoo? So let me ask you 3 things, and if you feel I am right then you need to "rethink about the situation" and if you feel I am wrong, even then also you need to "rethink about the situation".

1. Animals don't feel anything.

I mean they are tongue-tied living beings, so what if they are also LIVING BEINGS, then why are they are not allowed to live free, enjoying their lives roam around. They are just for our mocking, isn't it??

Like right now, you are totally enjoying your lives, and nature is mocking at us.
If you disagree with me then why do you go to every Sunday and have fun taking selfies with prisoners? How humanely of all of us?

zoo culture

2. They cannot speak.

Yeah, they cannot talk, so we can do anything with them, use them for benefit, or better throw stones at them in their cage, be dominant and do such evil things with them because they will not make a sound or cannot SUE US.

Since we can talk but still we are running out of talks, everyone is busy with their gadgets and apparently feeling all lonely.

zoo culture

3. Animal cruelty is not Cruelty.

Scientists say that human beings are called "Apex predators" meaning we have the ability to control or dominate the animals easily.

Unfortunately, we love to take this power for granted and use it otherwise.

Did you know that 96 percent of a circus animal's life is spent in a cage? They're transported from city to city in trailers that lack climate control, and they often use barbaric devices to force performances, from bullwhips and chains to cattle prods.
Oh, but why do you care? I think, exactly right now, that's why the superpower is saying why should I care?

zoo culture

If you get hurt or feel sick, you can yourself go to a doctor, pharmacists, have people who love you, care about you, even you can operate a computer which will help you to take care of yourself, but what about those voiceless beings, who can do everything themselves just demand respect, care and their own freedom.

Are we really doing something wrong?? Ask yourself!!

zoo culture

There can be no end to this unless each human takes a step, actually understands the true meaning of freedom and helps every animal on this planet to achieve it.

"If freedom is considered as sky, then I know why Blue is my favorite color"

End cruelty, end zoo culture! Let's make a free world for animals


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