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What Lockdown With Family Looks Like!

Date: 2020-05-26 12:43:55

By Ratika

First of all, none of you are stuck at home, "YOU ARE SAFE".

lockdown with family

We all are safe at home. Did you read the news? A man, a father of three, was walking back from Delhi to his village. His body could not sustain by the time he reached Agra and died there. What do you think would have motivated him to embark on a journey that would prove so fatal? He had many mouths to feed; he clearly was neither suicidal nor unstable. Why did he go? Because if the virus would not have gotten to him, the scarcity of goods would have. His landlord would have made him vacate, nobody to borrow money from, the employer would have chucked him out, several reasons.

end of the world

But he is just one; thousands of migrant labourers have embarked on a similar journey. A family of four on one bicycle. A 90-year-old walking barefoot from Delhi to Uttar Pradesh. A pregnant woman with a three-year-old, a girl with her leg fractured, a boy of mere 12, all are trying their way out by themselves to get back to their hometown. These are the ones with physical challenges currently, but should even a healthy person be forced to go through this? No. Nobody should have to face what they are facing.

Your favourite cloud kitchen might not be able to deliver your favourite Ceaser salad, but at least you are not sleeping with an empty stomach. Your family might be away, but somebody might not even see their families again. Your social life is suffering, some people are not even going to make out of this alive. The world is not fair to anybody but check your privilege.

Your parents are driving you mental? At least you are safe at home.
Your mom nags at you? At least you are safe at home.
Your sibling is annoying? At least you are safe at home.

Being safe at home right now with even the most basic of supplies is a privilege; most of them do not have right now, they have no source of earning daily wages. Count your blessings you will still get that paycheck from your company.

end of the world
Source: thehindu

While lockdown with family might not be a picnic and perhaps everybody is just glued to their respective screens, it is okay. Just survive this. Live another day to have fun. You can have a meal with your family. When was the last time all of you all actually had nothing else to do but spend time with each other? You wanted this, you have it. To conclude, some people are still out there working to feed their families or do their duties, you are neither of them. Generations before us have faced war, drought, famine at the forefront. We are facing a pandemic too, but we are asked to stay home with our families?

We can do this. While your mother might not approve of your sleep cycle or your dad hates your music playlist, as long as you are safe, you are fine.

Stay home, stay fine.

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