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My Dear Loud Friend, Dheere Baat Kar Na, Puri Duniya Ko Kya Sunana Hai?

Date: 2020-09-30 21:25:25

By Manveen

Let us all agree, we all at some point in our lives have had a friend like that or received the chance to know somebody like that. This person has inspired us to the point of writing a personal letter to Royal Enfield. Royal Enfield makes silencers for their bikes, kindly make one for my friend too.

funny friends

If a political party or anybody who wants to do campaigning cannot find a speaker, then please contact my beloved friend. They are interested in it. (janhit mein jaari)

But seriously, why? Why do you have to be so loud? What makes you think that people are interested in listening to you? Aaram se baat nahi hoti? Koi dikkat hai?

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It is borderline humiliating to hang out with somebody who makes that much noise. Imagine you are sitting in the cafeteria, then one person just starts talking loudly for no reason at all and all eyes are on you. It does not matter what your designation is, it is embarrassing at every stage. If you are a junior, your seniors judge you. If you are a senior then your juniors make fun of you. Because one person is as such, everybody gets judged together. Because birds of the same feather flock together!

talkative friend

When children act stupid, they are excused because they are children and are not groomed enough. They have to be taught everything. When an adult does it, there is no justification but a lack of respect for others around them. There is no possible justification for being loud unless you are angry. That also, when you are angry for the right cause. Does the environment crisis make you angry and want to shout?

Does current Delhi situations make you want to scream and drill sense into people?

Does a woman's situation in India scare you enough to scream at the top of your voice?

think gif

Then you have no right to be loud. Being loud gives one the advantage of being heard and till the time you do not have something substantial to discuss or implement then keep that volume low. Your pretentious stories are enough to bear; nobody should have to listen to your moot vocal garbage. If you still want to be loud, then I urge you to be louder. Be louder with a clear thinking and a purposeful conversation. Be loud and clear for animal rights, be loud and stubborn for women empowerment, be loud and firm for Delhi riots victim, be loud only when there is a need to be loud. Period!

Do you have a loud friend? Tag those loud speakers, let the world know about them.


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