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Mirzapur Quiz: Bhaukaal Machega Kyuki Toughest Quiz Agayi Hain.

Date: 2020-12-16 11:26:14

By Jitanshu

Obviously spoilers ahead, if you still not finished watching both the seasons then we recomment you to leave this page.
Waise, "Akhand tript hojaoge yeh quiz khelke."

Needless to say, Mirzapur series is one of Amazon's best series in India. It's a binge-worthy show which garnered especially Indian youngsters.

For which competition Guddu Bhaiya was preparing for?

Mr. Purvanchal

Mirzapur ki Gaddi

Kaleen Bhiaya said this dialogue to whom, "chutiya ladke ho tum."

Munna Bhaiya


Who played the role of Munna father?

Lilliput aka Dadda Tyagi

Pankaj Tripathi aka Kaleen

Who is Guddu Pandit in this picture?

mirzapur quiz

Ali Fazal

Vikrant Messey

What is the profession of Bablu and Guddu's father?



Did Munna Tripathi kill his father Kaleen Tripathi?

Paglagaye ho... nahi maare wo apne baap ko.

Ha bhaiya, yeh bilkul sahi hain. Maare hain wo apne baap ko.

Who caught Beena and Raja affair?

Akhandanand Tripathi's bauji Satyanand Tripathi


Who killed Bablu in Mirzapur?

His brother Guddu Pandit

Munna Tripathi (Divyendu Sharma)

How many eggs does Guddu Bhaiya eat?



From the following which character is still alive in Mirzapur 2?

Munna Bhaiya

Beena Tripathi

"Chutiya hain yeh impotant nahi, humara ladka hain yeh important hain" who said this famous Mirzapur dialogue?

Daddy Tyagi

Kaleen Bhaiya

Who was the father of Beena's newborn?


Satyanand Tripathi


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