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Problems When A Vegetarian Is Dating A Non-Vegetarian.

Date: 2020-10-09 14:39:34

By Manveen

India has the largest vegetarian population in the world; our country is heavily dependent on our crops and agriculture. Due to the sacred books and religion, Indians were vegetarian, but then as times changed, people's lifestyle changed and people developed new tastes and preferences. Most people in India's staple involve things that are grown more on their land or are more accessible to them. People in Bengal eat more fish, people in Punjab eat more dairy products, people in Kashmir eat more non veg to keep themselves warm and protect them from severe cold and etc.

dating non-vegetarian

So ideally it started like this, but then as time changed, so did we and now we not only have vegetarian or non-vegetarians, but we also have eggy-tarians (the ones who only eat egg and not a chicken/ mutton), the ones who eat curry but not the pieces, there are also those who are vegetarian at home but eat non-vegetarian food outside, etc.

vegetarian non-vegetarian

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Anyway, imagine when our population is divided like this, what happens when a vegetarian dates a non-vegetarian? On the outside, it just looks like a good situation, but now imagine if you are just two people and you want to have butter chicken, but you obviously cannot eat full, so you want to split, but your date does not eat non-vegetarian food and orders Shahi Paneer, so you can eat their Paneer but they cannot eat your chicken and a lot of food goes wasted.

Now imagine when you get married and your wedding feasts are being planned so the non-vegetarian party just does not care about what the vegetarian party is booking but the vegetarians have several issues because not many vegetarians accept non-vegetarian food around them. Some vegetarian people do not even eat at places where non vegetarian food is served; they prefer to have different vessels for their food. See how tough it gets to convince a pure Shakahari family. Imagine you all are sitting on one table and all vegetarians eyes are on your leg piece.

dating non-vegetarian

So much so, that in an arranged marriage situation, even this is a condition, that both the parties should be vegetarian. Ideally, if two people decide to turn vegetarian due to their personal reasons, it makes sense, but in India, most people are vegetarians because their families are.

To say that vegetarian and non-vegetarian alone is an issue that does not suffice it. In India, majorly people just eat chicken in the name of non-vegetarian food, some eat fish, some eat seafood, some eat mutton and we are not allowed to talk openly about bacon, pork, pepperoni, rabbit meat, etc. are still pretty exotic. So there are many challenges in India, even when it concerns food in the dating department.


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