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Sasta Bigg Boss Quiz By Ashish Chanchlani. Only Diehard Fans Can Score 12/12.

Date: 2020-12-16 19:59:17

By Jitanshu

ashish chanchlani bigg boss

LOL, everybody thought he is entering Bigg Boss 14 house but who knew he would be the producer and the director of his own Bigg Boss show.

Well, this quiz is for all the Ashish Chanchlani fans. The questions in the quiz are related to his new video 'Sasta Bigg Boss'. Let's see whether you remember the scenes from the video or not.

What was there in the milk pouches?

Floor cleaner/Phenyl

Milk aur kya

Fill in the blank: 'Mein rabdi khaunga, mein dahi khaunga, mein fatta hua doodh khaunga, mein _______'

G**nd Khaunga

Kuch nahi khaunga

In between the video Ashish Chanchlani was promoting which Trading App?

Mujhe lauria nahi pata, mein to video enjoy kari hain full


How Sasta Bigg Boss stopped Mauli Chandra from crying?

By getting her the makeup

By saving her from elimination

How Ashish annoyed Kunal and made him fight with the entire house?

They both fought because Mauli wanted to eat Oranges but Kunal insisted her to eat Apple.

Because Ashish found Kunal's weak point, which was 'Baap pe Jaana Nahi'

How many cameras and rooms Bigg Boss house has?

15 camera and 15 rooms

15 cameras and 2 rooms

Who got PS5 in biig Bosss house?



What is the name of the foreigner which entered the house as contestant?

Lauria Tatte

Clauria Tate

And she is from which country?



Who was the captain in the house?



Technically, who is the winner of Sasta Biig Bosss?


Mumbai Indians

Who gave this beautiful property for the shoot?

Abhishek Buildwell Pvt Ltd Group

Regalia by Wadhwa Group

Here's the video link.


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