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Shahrukh Khan To Help The Kid Who Lost His Mother At Muzaffarpur Railway Station During Lockdown Crisis.

Date: 2020-06-02 20:00:52

By TabloidXO

A few days back a heartbreaking video of a child surfaced on the internet where he was waking up his dead mother at a Muzzafarnagar railway station in Bihar. The video went viral all over the internet, and TV news channels. The video showed the plights of the kid who is constantly trying to wake his dead mother by pulling the bed sheet which was covering her dead body.

Mother At Muzaffarpur Railway Station

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The video got noticed by the King of Bollywood, SRK, and he did every possible thing to reach out to the innocent kid. Meer foundation founded by Shah Rukh Khan is taking the initiative to help and support the orphaned boy who lost his mother.

SRK updated the Netizen about the kid, he wrote:

"Thank you all for getting us in touch with the little one. We all pray he finds the strength to deal with the most unfortunate loss of a parent. I know how it feels...Our love and support is with you baby." He also thanked the people who helped him and his foundation Meer to get in touch with the kid's extended family."

Shahrukh Khan to help kid who lost Mother At Muzaffarpur Railway Station

Shahrukh Khan added: he knows how it feels to lose a parent.

Meer Foundation later told that they are now supporting the little one and he is under the safe care of his grandfather. Later, Meer Foundation shared an image of the baby with his grandfather and grandmother.

Shahrukh Khan to help kid who lost Mother At Muzaffarpur Railway Station

According to the reports, officials said the woman had died moments before boarding a special train to her Village.


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