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A Jaw-Dropping 100 Crore Deal Btw Shahid Kapoor And Netflix?

Date: 2020-09-24 12:16:35

By Srishti

Since the world has been hit but this everlasting pandemic, we thought Mukesh Ambani is the only person on this planet that is making money in these difficult times, but no we were wrong, we have Shahid Kapoor aswell who is playing big.

shahid kapoor deal

In recent news actor Shahid Kapoor has now signed a contract with the famous OTT platform Netflix worth Rs.100 crore. Though it has been a while since we saw him on screen, the actor was shooting for a sports drama film in the South before the lockdown came into play.

Now the news of him signing this contract with Netflix has got everybody excited and all are waiting to see his work. Reportedly, he will be seen in multiple shows and movies featuring on Netflix. Though none of the projects are as of confirmed but one of the shows that he will be seen is might be a fiction series that is concept-driven. This will be his debut with the OTT platform.

shahid kapoor deal

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The actor had previously revealed that Guneet Monga has approached him for the Hindi remake of the film 'Soorarai Pottru' which now if made it will be released online. Shahid will also be doing an action thriller film, directed by Aditya Nimbalkar which will also be released online. His contract with Netflix will be a mix of shows and films.

As of now, no project has been completely confirmed or locked by the actor; he has signed the deal and has committed to working with Netflix for his future projects.

shahid kapoor deal

The Bollywood club has now moved to release their film on online platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Hotstar. Covid-19 has completely changed the scenario for the movie industry. But while cinema halls face a major crisis, actors, therefore, are still signing new contracts and continue working to release their work online for their fans to see them on their screens.

Among him, there are actors like Ajay Devgn and Hrithik Roshan who has also been approached to work with online platforms.

Shahid fans are eagerly waiting to see him on their screen and also waiting for him to confirm the projects he plans on working on.

We wish him the best for all his future plans.


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