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Shahrukh Khan To Play Double Role In His Upcoming Action Movie?

Date: 2020-09-22 14:21:16

By Srishti

It has been a while since we have seen the King of Bollywood on our screens. But here is some good news for all his fans who are waiting to hear about his next project. Though Shahrukh himself has not confirmed anything yet, according to some new reports he is set to be featured in Atlee Kumar (Director) action movie.

shahrukh khan upcoming movie
Source: Peepingmoon

There is news about Shahrukh playing a double role in the movie. There are reports from Mumbai Mirror, that both of them have been working on the script of the movie for the past two years and have now finalized it. Shahrukh can be seen playing the role of a Cop and a Criminal in this film, the movie is said to be about them and revolve around Police and Criminal conflicts, confrontations, and their worlds.

Many tests on looks have been done already and as per plan the movie roll in the first half of 2021 and will delivered to the audience on special occasion.

Atlee Kumar and SRK were in talks about the script for 2 years, after so many discussions, meetings; they finally fixed on an action film. The name of the movie is still unknown.

shahrukh khan upcoming movie

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Atlee Kumar is an Indian Film Director who is known for making Tamil language movies. He used to be an assistant director under S. Shankar and has worked with him in movies like Enthiran (2010) and Nanban (2013). Atlee made his debut as a director with the movie Raja Rani in the year 2013, for which he even got the Vijay Award for Best Debut Director and the movie also earned almost 500 million just from the South Indian Box office in just four weeks. He then went on to directing movies like Theri (2016). After directing Theri in 2016 he started his own production house "A for Apple Production" and then he produced the film Sangili Bundili Kadhava Thorae in 2017 in collaboration with Fox Star Studio, then he directed Mersal in 2017 and Bigil in 2019.

shahrukh khan upcoming movie

Along with this collaboration with Atlee Shahrukh Khan is also a part of Rajkumar Hirani's next film about immigration that is set to start shooting soon and another film with Siddharth Anand, that is a thriller and will be co-starring with John Abraham.

Well, the Shahrukh Khan fans are for sure eagerly waiting to hear the confirmation about his next films. Many of us are also eagerly waiting to see him play a double role in Atlee's next film. Though there is no confirmation yet as to when the shooting for the film will start or when it will release, all of us for sure want to see what this collaboration between these two hard-working people is going to be like.


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