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If A Man Wants To Groom Then What's The Problem With Society? It Is His Choice.

Date: 2020-08-16 14:41:07

By TabloidXO

Men and grooming do not go well together in our society or any society for that matter. But why is that? Just take out a minute and try to think things through. When was makeup invented? When was grooming established? C'mon nobody hates waxing as much as women do, yet they are allowed to but one cannot simply leave a guy, even if he waxes his body hair. Who came up with all that?

Okay, let us go back in time. Indian rulers wore heavy jewelry, heavily embroidered clothes, and kajal/surma in their eyes. It was all a part of our tradition, right? Then the British came to India, they took over India, things happened and so did the Industrial Revolution and the rest is history. Pants & shirts came into the picture. If not embellished clothing, we still did have a kurta pajama in our sceneries. The silhouettes of kurta pajama are not far from a lady's suit. Point being, if not makeup, but Indian royalty (men) also groomed themselves so why not now?

mens grooming

Okay, fashion changes, silhouettes change with time and all that is there, but why is men's grooming so frowned upon? And god forbid if a guy likes makeup.

At one point in history, makeup and cosmetics for ladies were frowned upon too. They were invented, but no lady would even wear rouge. Makeup and cosmetics were just meant for harlots/ actors. But time changed and as did people's mindset and makeup is chill with every woman/ girl. Look at Kylie Jenner, that woman has built an empire out of it!

Point being, the mass did not think makeup is a sign of good character once upon a time. Currently, people frown upon men doing makeup, but if the former can change then as can the latter. Dynasties have fallen, the mighty have tasted dirt, you can change too.

Actually, if you would research on Rococo era or French courts, men did put a lot of makeup. So much so, their skin was pale and lips looked bloodstained. Yes, it did happen once. Makeup is everybody's thing, not just women. We have to learn to stop anointing gender to everything. Things exist, things should be left at it, stop adding notions to them. We need a world where everybody can grow and live with freedom.

mens grooming


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