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What Makes Kusha Kapila And Dolly Singh Different From Other Bloggers?

Date: 2020-08-27 17:50:04

By Manveen

You open Instagram or social media and somehow everybody is famous, every opinion is a fact, every skincare routine is looked up to, all in all, the business of selling aspiration is at its peak at present. In such a crowded market, how do you stand out? How can one possibly have something unique and original that reaches into the audience? Well, for that take guidance from Kusha and Dolly, they are best in this business.

kusha kapila dolly singh

Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh are famous for their videos at iDiva and their funny characters. The reason people love them so much that they both are household names today is because, they are unfiltered. There is no facade of false aesthetic or lies or anything that looks unrealistic.

Kusha's characters talk about how Desi mothers are, how girls in different parts of Delhi are, the language is as Delhi as it could be and every time we are watching her videos, we can relate to her. They say things for what they are.

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Dolly Singh has shared her life journey and her ambitions on social media as well. She is such an inspiration to every girl. It does not matter if you want to be a blogger or not, she was honest about her journey, where she came from, and what all she achieved. She is an inspiration to many girls.

What's more? It is not all cake in their lives and they admit it too. They talk about their weight struggles, skin struggles, self issues and all these things that somehow are supposed to be spoken about but nobody is listening. Everybody wants to look perfect, sell perfection and when you find two women who are telling you that they go through what you go through too, they talk in the same language as you do, they are as chill as you and your gal pals, they are hot and ladylike and goofy at the same time as you are and all of that does go together, how can we not relate to them?

Dolly Singh's honest fashion video reviews are bang on. Kusha Kapila's Billi Massi has our hearts.

Social media can often leave you feeling inadequate due to your inability to sell the same kind of perfection as most bloggers do. Most other bloggers sell aesthetics that requires a heavy monetary investment which is not possible for us. What these two tell us by their work and journey is that it is all possible as long as you are motivated enough to do it.

Be like Billi Mausi and Chanayi. South Delh's Billi Maasi and Chanayi are the desi version of Netflix because binge watching them all day and night will fuel out all your internet.


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