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WARNING: Do Not Believe WhatsApp University In Crisis Like Coronavirus Pandemic.

Date: 2020-03-27 16:48:16

By Manveen

Are you one of those people who would rather trust WhatsApp than any credible news channel?

If so, dear friend, please do not forward it to anybody else. It is your sole choice to consume whatever information you think is appropriate, but you also have the social responsibility of not creating panic or misleading anybody. Especially in times like these.

whatsapp university

There is legit a Facebook book by the name The news channel which we would like to not disclose> something that shared information on coronavirus in Pakistan. According to that page, Pakistan has ordered to shoot people diagnosed with the virus because they do not have adequate infrastructure to deal with. However, if you will take little time out to search on Google and try to get yourself correctly informed, you will find articles from various news channels speaking about the measures that the Pakistani government is taking. They have a lockdown as well and are doing the best they can for their citizens.

But imagine if somebody without verifying their facts, shares such information?

There is global discontentment for Pakistan, which is palpable anyway and such facts only add fuel to the fire. Be responsible, do not act childish.

A couple of weeks ago, there were some messages on WhatsApp that suggested cinnamon, cloves, ginger & garlic, etc. are effective remedies for Coronavirus. Hold on, so are you suggesting that doctors and scientists across the world are struggling to cure people, but some random aunty found the medicine that will save mankind? Just read the same statement again. Hope that drills some sense into you.

On a serious note, just imagine if somebody actually takes this advice seriously. They make sachets of all mythological crap & co and go out working in their normal routines. In their head (filled with WhatsApp consumed information) they are safe with that antidote. But are they, really?

So if this aforementioned person gets infected, it is on you. Will you look after them? Pay for their medical insurance? Make sure they get a bed in the hospital?

You are already thinking of excuses to justify yourself. Well, if you decide to not forward those messages, you will not be held accountable for anything. None, at all. It is this simple. If something intrigues you, you think it can help others, then first make sure you have verified those facts. We can't cost each other's lives at this point, please tread carefully.

Speaking of cinnamon, ginger, and etc. What they actually do is, they are good for your throat and immunity in general. No, THEY DO NO PROTECT YOU AGAINST COVID-19! When you get a regular cough, you drink ginger tea with Tulsi, yes, it heals that but not coronavirus. The only way you can stay safe is by staying home right now and by not creating chaos. The world needs mental peace right now, let them have it.

Thank you!


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