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According To Your Mood We'll Tell You Which Netflix Movie Series You Should Watch Today.

Date: 2020-10-14 14:05:34

By Ratika

Just like Nutella is to bread, is Netflix to your eyes?

This quiz will ask you a series of questions about your preferences and also about your past and present to find you a suitable Netflix movie which you should watch today.

Are you ready to find out? Grab some popcorns and coke.

Are you in a relationship?

Just broke up months back

No, luckily

Yeah, luckily

It's complicated

How do you like to spend your Sundays?

Netflix and chill

Hookah night with some shots

A fancy dinner date with him/her


Your Friday nights after your office hours are spent where?

Happy hour

Long drive

Friends place

Wherever, bas office se nikaalo (Wherever, just take me out)

How your upcoming week looks like?

Work, full of deadlines.

Traveling to hill station

Nothing much, just like the regular days

Actually, I will watch a lot of Netflix movies after thus quiz

At what time you usually head home from the night party?

Around 10 PM

It depends how the party is

Sharp 9 PM I will be on my bed

When the bartender shuts the doors

How many kids you want?


Bache do hi ache (2 kids)


Let's see

Do you still watch Naagin seasons?

Passionately yes

No, I have never watched even a single episode

Never heard about this series

Sometimes, on and off

Pick the food you're most in the mood for.

Butter Chicken and Bread

Pasta & Pizza


Noodles and Manchurian

Assume, all your friends movie ticket is on you, how many people you would take?


No one. Everyone should buy their own ticket

4, if they are treating me with the food and drinks

I don't watch movies in the theatre


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