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We Know Which Youtuber Guy You Will Get Married To.

Date: 2020-08-25 16:00:39

By Jitanshu

Stop Blushing and see which YouTuber house is going to be your future home. :-P

And also, which YouTuber will get a chance to get so many Saali's.

If he has to impress you, what is the most important thing he should do for you?

Take you out for shopping

Play video games, Netflix and chill

Cook yummy food for you the entire month

All of the options

What would you wear on a date?

The red hot dress

Something which will turn him on.



What would you like to do after the date ends?

Bas ab ghar jayenge aur kya (Will go home and sleep)

Would like to walk around and have one ice cream together

Maybe to his place for PDA

No after plans, because my mom lose the patience if I am out after 10 PM.

Choose a baby name:


It will be related to initials of our name.



How many kids do you want to have?



1 and Full stop.

Let's see.

What's your kinda love language?

Acts of service

Quality Time

Receiving Gifts

Physical Touch

Which physical trait do you find most attractive?

Eyes, Arms

Chest, Legs

Lips, Hair

Face cut, Abs


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