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5 Reasons Why India Never Had A Female Prime Minister.

Date: 2020-06-18 19:27:43

By Diksha

Dreams don't work unless you do!!

I wanted to be a Prime Minister of India!! Oh this was one of my childhood dreams when I was going to "I want to become this or that" phases of life.

Why did I want to become? My dad used to tell me the many stories about freedom fighters, British rule, Indira Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, Anna Chandy and many more about their work for the society and people.

Then, what happened?

I grew up!! Of course with the passing of every birthday, realizing life is so difficult, and as for women it was like "everyday agni pariksha", seriously I don't get this concept.

So, before giving any tests or pursuing one of those dreams. I was told to become a doctor, since its a noble profession; I mean ya okay, but I want to be the prime minister, they said "Beta tumse na hopayega", and I was like why, though they didn't have any proper answer but still they managed to manipulate on that.

Then I understood why India never had a prime minister after Indira Gandhi.

1. Men are Wiser than women.

Thinking is not a woman's job!!
Stereotypical thinking has always ruled India. In the name of culture especially, where girls have to follow the path of being Sita ji. So, girls should always follow men, because they know better, whether they know what is right or wrong. No matter whatever is your opinion.

2. Woman candidate; Is there no man left or what?.

Hello, Even our parents don't take us seriously, so why did the country!!

Whenever a woman takes a stand for anything, nobody takes her seriously, because according to society women do not know anything, even if she has a Ph.D. in it. The trust factor is still more over men than women.

3. Rajneeti is Not Homeneeti.

Ladki toh ghar ki Lakshmi hoti hai, and the Lakshmi only stays inside!!

If by chance a woman stands as a candidate, people make fun by saying Rajneeti is not a Homeneeti. Since Rajneeti requires a tricky, manipulative, diplomatic sense, guilt-proof play and many more qualities should be there in a politician. But a woman is considered to be polite, calm, should listen to elders, take care of family, and if a woman has politician qualities, surely there will be lots of negative effects on her image.

It doesn't matter if a man has all these qualities and is actually doing wrong with the country.

4. Not so strong visionary leaders.

You should think about your marriage, not the other matters!!

According to some studies, while comparing men and women candidates across a range of leadership behaviors, they are rated lower than men on "envisioning" the ability to recognize new opportunities and trends in the environment and develop a new strategic direction for an enterprise.

5. Decision making is not a woman's play.

You cannot decide what to eat, you will make a decision!!

Women continue to be sidelined in decision-making, since it's believed that when a woman is stressed, they tend to become emotional and fall apart and when men are stressed, they remain calm and clear-headed. So, when it's required to make certain tough decisions as a leader, women often lack.

So, according to people Men speak more confidently and boldly on an issue, with very little data to back it up. Women want to have a lot of data and feel confident that they can back up what they are saying."
This belief still exists!! Sadly it's true, but we have to change this thought from the minds of the public.

These are our society's thoughts. So, no matter how many barriers women break, there remain a few top jobs where the glass ceiling will never be broken in India.
Until and Unless, people will remove these barriers from their minds and give equal opportunities to women.

India might grow more and more!!


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