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Why Influencers Are Obsessing Over Bigger And Fuller Lips?

Date: 2020-09-22 21:28:24

By Manveen

A decade ago, celebrities only meant actors and singers but majorly movie stars as the audience looked up to them so much. Magazines and newspapers made so much out of writing about what an XYZ celebrity wore to a certain event, who might be dating whom, what is ABC celebrity's favorite dish but suddenly with social media's intervention, things changed.

influencers fuller lips

Being famous meant being a celebrity and you could be famous for making jokes, sharing fashion tips, being an illustrator, content creator, and whatnot. Influencers have a wider appeal than movie actors now because people believe influencers and bloggers more than celebrities as they are able to relate with them more. So when one influencer does anything like bigger lips, or nose job, it also becomes a trend.

The biggest influencer of all, Kylie Jenner has often spoken about her discomfort with her lips on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and went ahead and got a lip surgery. She even mentioned that she was worried that her daughter Stormi might inherit her lips but is glad that she does not. It takes a lot of courage to admit not being okay in your own skin and wanting to change that because celebrities are always trolled for everything they do.

influencers fuller lips
Source: Social Samosa

Coming to the point of why Influencers are more inclined towards fuller lips is because, first, they are influencers, their fans and many people around the internet follows them, even the brand follows them because they want to market their product through them, so in that process Influencers/Bloggers have to look the best. The gauge what's really being sold on social media is either from the number of followers you have or your face.

And secondly, all such surgeries are becoming normal these days, so let that be to individual choice.

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While some might argue that it sends wrong notions but we all have noticed something different with Komal Pandey's lips as well and Bollywood actresses keep on getting something or the other changed (like fuller lips), except they have never admitted to it.

influencers fuller lips
Source: Aashka Goradia Instagram

Kylie Jenner has propagated another kind of the notion of beauty, a plastic, artificial, complete head to toe beauty and a decade ago, this would have been joked about but hey, Marie Antoniette wore sky high wigs and she was royalty, so fashion changes and people adapt and in the process a lot of things which were unacceptable at one point, but with time it is easily acceptable.

Once there were creams in the market to hide freckles but now we have freckle pencils to create fake freckles on the face. Once size zero and being skinny was cool, but not a much healthier and bigger body is appreciated.

influencers fuller lips
Source: Unsplash


All in all, it takes one global person to start something and eventually, it reaches everybody. With the beauty and cosmetic industry on the rise and not just in terms of makeup products but in terms of content, YouTube tutorials, bloggers, etc as well, more and more women are finding comfort in admitting and professing their love for cosmetics, which at one point was shamed for being too girly and unrealistic.

If today, somebody admits of not feeling okay about something in their body and want to go under the knife to change that, we accept that because nobody should have to live unhappily. It is one's own choice of what they wish to do with their bodies and we all understand that. We can have different opinions but we live our lives according to our opinions and let others live how they wish to be.


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