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Will You Get Married In 2023? Take This Quiz!

Date: 2021-05-10 15:43:57

By TabloidXO

Will I get married this year?

Shaadi karni hain? Too excited for it? Okay, so without taking much time we allow you to answer these simple questions. Let's see what are the possibililities of your marriage in 2021!

Ques 1: Are you hell scared of coronavirus pandemic?

Yes, damn so much

No, Corona hi to hain

Little bit

Ques 2: Pick one dance song.

London Thumakda

Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna

Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden

Ques 3: Song you want your parents to dance on.

Kyun Aage Peeche Dolte Ho Bhanvro Ki Tarah

Say Shaava Shaava

O Meri Zohra Jabeen

Ques 4: What kind of wedding venue you expect?

Farm House

Banquet Hall

Destination Wedding.

Ques 5: Which of these would you rather hang out with?



I would prefer to stay alone

Ques 6: How many times you have fell for a guy/girl?

Once and I want to marry only him/her.

Many times, I couldn't get along with them for too long.

I am still looking.

Ques 7: Superpower you really want?


I don't want to die

A Ginny who fulfills all my wishes including the above two

Ques 8: What would you prefer?

Night wedding

Day wedding

Koi bhi karwaado, bas karwaado (I am okay with both)

Ques 9: How many guests are you going to call for your wedding?

Less than 200

Not more than 1000

Guests list will exceed 1000

Ques 10: Do you like someone who is interested in you too?

Yes, I have. We both like each other.

No, there is no one.

One-sided it is.


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