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How Much Will You Score In Board Exam 2023? Take This Quiz!

Date: 2022-05-10 21:46:56

By TabloidXO

We know how it feels to be surrounded with exam pressure. Literally, exam time is something that each student fear.

Because, in India, they are the Beta version of Board exams.

Take this to check how much will you score in your board exams according to the options you choose.

Ques 1: Did you study during the lockdown?

No. I thought the government will pass every student b'cos of lockdown

Yes, of course, how can I take the risk for my exams

A little bit b'cos I believe in studying 1 night before the exam.

Ques 2: How many hours did you study every day?

2 hours daily

4 hours daily

More than 6 hours daily

Ques 3: How many times did you call up our friends to find out how much they've done?

Once or twice in 3 days

I didn't call any of my friends

Twice a day atleast.

Ques 4: How many times you thought of cheating and then chicken out?

Not really

Roz hi socha tha cheating ka to

Let the final week of preparation come, then I will start thinking

Ques 5: How many times did you pray to god?

Everyday, even I started praying again right now

Once in a week

Exam se ek din pehle karunga/karungi

Ques 6: How much superstitious are you?

Itna ki 101 nariyal phod doon abhi

Abhi ke abhi haridwar paap dhoke ajaau, utna hain

Not much

Ques 7: You studied?

Only the textbook and teacher's notes.

Studied textbooks, notes, sample papers and I am on revision now.

Only did the last 3-year sample papers.

Ques 8: Your mood during the preparation?

Calm and compose.


Kya hai BC! Bas yahi reaction tha.

Ques 9: Did you promise yourself you'll do better NEXT TIME?



I will do the BEST this time so why wait for the next time?

Ques 10: Your average grade in school?





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