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Will You Be A YouTuber Or TikToker? Take This 30-Second Quiz.

Date: 22020-05-26 14:12:32

By TabloidXO

Which platform will give you name, fame and money? Aur Izzat (respect)? Let's see through Youtube Tiktok quiz:

youtube tiktok

Ques 1: Which platform do you use the most?




Ques 2: Pick One:

Likes & Followers

Quality content

Only Views

Ques 3: Creativity according to you is?

Cringe + Entertainment

Cringe + Corny

Entertainment + Sense

Ques 4: You watch videos because?

For entertainment

For Knowledge and entertainment


Ques 5: Pick one for your overnight success:

1 million followers

1 million users appreciation but fewer followers


Ques 6: Are you good at editing videos?



Little Bit

Ques 7: How your friends describe you??

Creative + Intelligent + Logical

Funny + Creative


Ques 8: Pick One:


Amir Siddiqui


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