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10 Ways To Know If Someone Is Lying To You

Date: 2018-10-06 14:39:10

By Jitanshu

The most popular species which we all see in our everyday life is FAKE PEOPLE with their FAKE TALKS and most of the times or should I say, every time we get stuck in their sweet honey tongue.

And you know what is the most amazing part?

We somehow get the intuition that they are lying but we still choose to hear their amazing thrilling plotline because why not!

Why should we put water on someone's hope, right??

So here are some tips you can look while you are talking to 'The Liar':

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1. The tone will be loud because the person wants to suppress you to talk further or cross-question and the speed of the conversation will be fast and this is done so that you get confused with their wordplay.


2. They may sometime speak out things which they had already said it before the start of the conversation; it's just that they are repeating because they too are confused what to speak next.


3. They will give n numbers of information which is usually not required during the conversation, maybe it's their way of being super intelligent (in their eyes).

If they are doing so, boy/girl you got the culprit!


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4. Check out their hand movement, their hand movements, and their eye contact. If they out hands on their face or lips even for a second, you gotchya, the person is lying!


5. See their body language, just check, whether there is a lot of movement or not and also whether the person is sitting with his hands folded across the chest because the person who is not lying, who has nothing to hide will be calm and composed. The person will be chilled out.


6. The person who is lying will prevent themselves to look into your eyes constantly, this is short and crisp point and ideally the best one (and this goes well by including the body language).


7. This technique is going to be fun. Always counter-question in regard to the thing the person is talking because if the person is lying, you will see a slight uneasiness on their face or a small pause.



8. The repetitiveness of cleaning the throat will be more as compared to normal. This clearing the throat is a sign of nervousness because the person knows he is lying.


Now beware liars, people know you are lying.


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