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15 Signs You Are Romantic Couple.

Date: 2019-06-11 13:37:51

By Mansha

We often see "couple goals" and "romantic couple" hashtags on many pictures on social media platforms, where a couple is all mushy and romantic in a picture. But what really is a romantic couple? For me, a romantic and perfect couple is a one, who is really not perfect but weird. Who can be totally funny, maniac, immature and mature with each other because that's what soul mates are for? It is someone with whom you can be real you.

Here are some things you will relate to if you are the most romantic couple in relationship:

  1. You both are always smiling irrespective of any situations because deep inside, you both are aware that if you have each other by your side, you can fight even the worst storms because you both are each other's strength and power.
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  3. After every fight, no one lets ego come in between of your love. You handle the situation calmly and lovingly, even though at times, you never hesitate to utter the word, "sorry" because your relationship is your first priority than your ego.
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  5. You tease each other like Tom and Jerry, as you both are more of the best friends than just a husband and a wife or girlfriend and boyfriend.
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  7. Holding hands is as normal as eating and breathing because it comes naturally when you are walking side by side.
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  9. You give priority to your sex life because that is the key to a happy relationship. You do it twice a week or maybe more.
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  11. You don't forget to give daily compliments to each other because you find your partner beautiful every day and your love only blossoms with time.
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  13. Even after ages of staying together, you never get bored of PDA. Making out is still your favorite time pass.
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  15. You can totally be gross with each other and still laugh about it, like, farting together.
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  17. You support each other in public if the other person has done something stupid, you can kick anyone's Ass.
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  19. You still love to go on candlelight dates because you both don't want to be felt like any other old couple, as your love is still young as it has been since ages.
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  21. You both can't sleep if there is no spooning.
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  23. You both get drunk together, party together and make all kinds of memories together.
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  25. Last, you both can't imagine a single day without each other because, at the end of every day, you just wish to go back home to your soul mate, so that you can find some peace in each other's arms.
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It is a blessing from God if you can find your best friend in your love partner because it makes everything else so easy. If you are one of them, then you are the lucky one!


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