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Reduce The Risk Of Coronavirus/COVID-19 Infection By Following These Guidelines.

Date: 2020-03-24 17:15:03

By Jitanshu

Governments and world organizations are taking many steps to prevent people from Coronavirus. Advisory has been generated to isolate people and limit people's movement in the public. Offices, restaurants and amongst other businesses are closed to prevent the life of human beings.

Apart from staying away from each other there many factors where this virus can catch hold on you. We are pretty much sure a larger part of you are doing these things and which you immediately need to stop before the virus catches you.

Here are these day to day things which you should avoid touching or take measures to protect yourself before it gets too late. It may be possible that a person can get Coronavirus/COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching your own mouth, nose, or eyes can spread it in your body.

Perhaps, my little experience in these days will help you.

1. Milk pouch.

Before you take them inside your house, wash the milk pouches thoroughly once your delivery guy delivers you the milk.

2. Elevator buttons.

Try not to touch the buttons and for that, you can use toothpick sticks, after use, throw them in the dustbin.

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3. Doorbells.

Again, take the help of toothpick sticks to press the buttons. Do not use your thumb, fingers or elbows.

4. Newspapers.

As you obviously can't wash the newspaper to stop taking the newspaper for some time until the conditions improve. And if you are too addicted to it, then you can go on to Google and search your favorite news site.

5. Car door handles.

Clean your car door handles with the tissue paper before touching them raw.

6. Raw vegetables and fruits.

Wash it before consuming it and wash your hands/ sanitize too once you are done grocery shopping in the mall.

7. Money exchange.

Either carry currency

notes of small denomination in your pocket so that you do not have to take back the remaining amount from the vendor.

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8. Mobile.

Mobile phones are the most transferable thing which most of us do. So don't share your mobile with anyone.

9. Play area/garden.

Try to avoid playing/yoga/walking in public gardens. According to WHO, Coronavirus is an airborne disease (which means it can spread through the air as well).

10. Parcels/delivery box or food delivery box.

Health is wealth and there is nothing better than having home-cooked food. Especially in these troubled times, it's the best you can do, so better control your thumb to order food online.

11. Online shopping pouch/box.

Stop yourself with self-pampering for some time.

12. Use of taxi/bus or any public transport.

Either use your own vehicle or don't go outside. In case of emergency, take hand Sanitizers with you and touch your face.


13. House gate door handles.

Clean your house door handles with water or Dettol to kill the germs.

14. Shoes/Chappals.Slippers.

Wash them thoroughly before you allow them inside your home.

15. Clothes.

If you are going out from grocery shopping then try to make sure you wash your clothes after coming back home. Don't roam around the house in those same clothes.

Basically, do not touch any surface in the public because there are already thousands of them who might have touched it. Help stop coronavirus. Your efforts will contribute a lot to the world.

The virus has claimed more than 12,000 lives and affected over 300,000 people around the world.


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